M16 Advice from CRKT

Feb 25, 2001
I just thought I'd pass on a little official CRKT sharpening information to you all. I sent an email out to CRKT a week or so ago regarding my new carbon fibre M16-11F. It came in pretty dull, and wanted to get it shaving sharp. That extra-hard AUS118 was pretty hard to work with, so I figured I'd ask the manufacturer. Here is the reply.


Please let me first apologize for the delayed response on this inquiry. I
had to check with our technical support guru to see what they suggested.

Here you go:
The best method when sharpening AUS 118 is to purchase a quality diamond
"flat" stone. It seems to be the most effective. Using the stone and a
little oil in a counter clockwise circular motion and patience will give you
the results you want. It takes technique to accomplish the razor edge you
want and may take several attempts before you are satisfied with the
results. Good Luck to you. Remember AUS 118 is a high carbon tough steel
that once you achieve the edge you want it will hold an edge longer.

I hope this helps.

Carrie Trujillo
Columbia River Knife & Tool
I find that my CF M16 and Ti Mirage, both of which are AUS 118, get razor sharp with minimal effort on my Sharpmaker. Not a difficult steel to sharpen at all, in my experience.


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I wish I had a SharpMaker!!!! I'm making due with my Lansky right now, which finally chewed through the AUS118. It was a bit of work to get shaving sharpness, but diligence payed off. My M16 now has a positively viscious edge to it. Much better than the way it arrived.

So dsvirsky, what do you think of the carbon fibre M16? Did you get the larger model? If so, how is the handle rigidity? I was a bit suprised by the flex in handle of my smaller model. I kind of expected a G10 kind of rigidity.