M2 Nimravus?

Apr 30, 1999
Are they going to come out with a M2 steeled Nimravus ? If so how much would that cost , where could I get 1 , and when is coming out ?
Hee hee! I just managed to get an answer out of Benchmade on a similar question...an M2 Axis. Answer: they have no plans at present to make such an item.

You might want to surf over to the Benchmade forum and make a little (well, a lot) of noise there asking your question, and after a few pokes and prods they will respond.

Remember, it takes a lot of resources to put a knife in production, so they can't make a M2 variant of everything the same way they can churn out knives with plain, serrated and combo options.

But, pester them...if there appears to be a market for a M2 Nimravus, I'll bet they'll make one. I just hope it's AFTER my M2 Axis.


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I asked Leslie at NWC about an M2 Axis myself and was told that this was not in the plans at the moment over at BM. She did, I think, indicate that an M@ Nimravus was planned by Benchmade for later in the year...

Hope I remembered this right...

The new Benchmade catalog lists the Nimravus in M2, for I-forget-how-much more money. The difference is somewhere in the range of dinner for two at a respectable working-class restaurant. Availability "later."

In the BM catalog...Nimravus and Nimravus Cub in M2, BT2 coating. Nimravus MSRP $175, Cub MSRP $160. It will be later in the year, obviously, as BM production goes. Maybe early next year? Anyway, based on the current MSRP for Axis and what I got mine for, should be able to get a Nimravus and Cub for about $115 and $100, respectively, if you look around.

Outlaw Dogboy,

Did it say in the catalog what kind of sheath would accompany the Nimravus Cub? I read on the BM forum that the initial sheath was a cordura cloth type one, but the support team said they may change it to kydex, but that they hadn't decided at the time.
The catalog lists it with a kydex sheath, steel clip, just like the full size.


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Mr. Blonde, still looking for that unltimate small fixed blade, eh? Look at my post regarding Livesay UJI. Did you get Kydex for CS Mini Tanto yet?