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M2 vs D2??

Jul 2, 1999
Title says it all.

What are the pros and cons of each? Which is tougher? What categories do each excell in??


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You might want to do a search of the archives. I believe this subject has been covered at great length.
I'd go for the M2 myself over D2. Keep in mind, the majority of machining tools are made from M2, and M42, while D2 is usually reserved for punch & mold dies. (M42 has a high cobalt content). I don't have the info sheet in front of me on the variations of the two, but a search should answer that.
M2 is rusty, but takes and holds a great edge. It is also tough as hell at Rc-61-62. D2 is semi stainless and holds a great edge. It is my opinion that it is not quite as tough. It has been my understanding that M2 has high speed (high temp) elements that are not really needed in a knife, but do no harm to the steel. D2 goes the old route with lots of carbon in it. Between the two both are fantastic steels. I love both. For better toughness go for M2, if rust resistance is needed (a little at least) go for D2.

I might add that the BT2 covering from BM removes most rust probs. My D2 folder has had slight rust spots where the finger opens the knife. This is due to the sweat in my skin. Even MSTCloth did not stop this. It will rust! Hope it helps.

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