Mach 1 - Doesn't Anybody have one?


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Oct 19, 2000
No one ever talks about this knife. I've handled it a few times at the local knife shop and I think it is a great design - a really great design. I haven't picked one up yet, but it is on my list...maybe a damascus version.
I don't much like it. But it is strange how it's never discussed. I suppose it's like the Raven, the CQC7 and Commander are the popular models, the Raven and Mach 1 end up being filling because they're less popular. The La Griffe has a small but devoted following... :)
I just spent a week in the water with one. I use the Mach-1 for inside the waistband carry and in my swim wear or shorts with no pockets. It is a very good knife. Derek carries one very regularly. Mine performed very well in all cutting tasks. The only problem was the black wore off the pivot screw (so what), and there was some rust around the stop pin. Other than that it was fine after a complete disassembly and cleaning when I got home (the beauty of a real knife meant to be used-user serviceability). Maybe I should have put it in a plastic baggie...........

Hey Nyeti,

I just realized something terrible! All this time I had thought the little plastic bag the knives came in, inside the box, were just for shipping. I now know that Ernie, in his wisdom, included them as a part of the knife, making a whole "carry package" if you will. I hope I have not thrown any of the baggies out! If I have, do you think EKI will send me some replacements? Now I am all nervous!
Well, its the only Emerson I have right now. I like it. I had a little blade play so I'm still fiddling around with the pivot screw. I think I may have gotten some lok tite outside the screw as the action isn't quite a smooth now. I'll get around to opening it up one of these days.
As most know, I am a total wave-aholic, however; with inside the waistband carry I prefer a "convential" opening. I carried a CQC-8 for years in front appendix, and am currently using the Mach-1 when I utilize that specific style of deployment. For general pocket carry, I carry either a Commander, a P-Sark, or both.
I've got 2, a plain edge and a serrated edge, they're both excellant knives, but I agree with Don, as I am addicted to the wave, so my 2 MACH-1s sit on the sidelines,waiting..........
Got my Mach-1 BT yesterday. I've been using it all day at work. I really like it. For a non-waved Emerson, I'd say it's a really good user. The blade shape and size are just about perfect, and the handle's ergonomics just flat out toast the CQC7's, IMHO.

I don't know why it doesn't get more recognition. I guess because it's waveless.
I own a Mach-I, LaGriffe, and Police Utility Knife (PUK_E).

Mach-I is a bit of a step child to Commander.

I happen to like the blade design of the Mach-I somewhat better than Commander. It would appear that I am in the minority there. A cross between the two would be better ... I like some recurve. I would prefer the Mach-I had a Wave also.

Mach-I handle design is very secure. I like the thick tip grind, stout... except for the last 1/4" where the meat-head at Emerson who ground it twisted it too far on the belt grinder and it's about 50+ degrees for that last 1/4". I only use if for self defense carry ... e.g. when I know I'm headed into the city. It isn't my favorite utility knife, to state it nicely.

After some fiddling w/ ball detent spring pressure, my blade is centered. Lockup is good enough to keep and use, and trust, but would prefer a stiffer leaf/liner spring.

I like it for a self defense folder.

It has a couple of fabrication problems, and I'd tweak the design in probably 3 or 4 ways, but most people in this particular forum don't get much use from such commentary, so I'll refrain.
I have posted several times about how much I like the Mach1. I'm the newbie who isn't fond of the wave (in fact, at Atlanta, Hollister seemed to remember my posts simply because I was the only Suspect not carrying a Commander--I had my Mach1 of course). I find the Mach1 to be nearly perfect--great blade design for defense, but that still works very well for general utility (I study Martial arts and knife fighting but I find myself doing more chores than fighting), the grip is wonderful--great traction and integral guard. No disrespect meant to the Commander because I can see how it is a nearly perfect fast action fighting knife--just ain't what I need (in fact that Mini-commander proto in Atlanta was very sweet). The only fault I've found recently with the Mach1 is that it just isn't as convenient for daily carry as my CQC7 which seems to stay out of my way better. So now it is primarily my field folder and I'm ordering the two sizes of the CQC7A to be a little more PC than my CQC7B CN with skull clip (affectionately known as my "metalhead" knife.