Mad Dog Folder? Walt's M2k prediction is true...

Now only if it comes in stainless...

From the dog himself:

"After throwing up my arms in disgust repeatedly, I have finally hit on a folder design that I really like, I think...
It quite literally came to me in a dream last night. Only time (and prototyping) will tell if it is a Divine Inspiration, or Dubious Deviltry.
I will make one in my spare time, and see what I really think of it in the flesh.
No guarantees, but this may be the one.
It will utilize an ambi lock system, have a largish blade, and a Composite grip.
I think that there will be no liners, but I am not sure. I just don't believe it will need them.
Mechanical lockup should be comparable to the excellent Sebenza design, but derived differently.
The hinge pin will be at least .375" in diameter, so it will be very robust all the way around. The tang will be fully supported as well. There are no notches in the tang where they would compromise the lock strength, either.
This should be fun.
Remember, it ain't a "tactical knife".
In fact, it ain't even a knife, yet... "
Time to start saving my $$$$$$
This will be a must have!!!!!

God bless!

Romans 10:9-10

"Military" Fans Unite!!
Oh, Dear Lord!!! The Dog has decided to fold!!!!

And I had dismissed all this Y2K frenzy as just overreaction. But this is truly a sign!!

(Where did I put that list of RME suppliers...)

Seriously, tho, if Mad Dog thinks he's got a folder design even HE will like, that puppy's gotta be something to consider.

Time flies like an arrow.
Fruit flies like a banana.
Oct 7, 1998
Gentle posters; His Rabidness is misquoted on this subject more than any other.

From his own lips, at KN'98, this penetential accolyte of the Church of Tactical Truth heard His Rabidness express a liking and appreciation for the folder (a Chris Reeve Sebenza) which had fallen from the sleeve of my robe to the ground, attracting HR's attention. I remember this clearly, as my knees were shaking and I was expecting excommunication from the CTT at the very least.

HR does not hate folders at all. He simply maintains that there is no such thing as a TACTICAL folder. Even so, he realizes that there are sometimes situations which mitigate against carrying a fixed blade.

August, HR's son, is away at school, and since FB's are prohibited at school, HR gave August a CR Sebenza to carry.

I hope this epistle clears up the confusion about this subject.

Respectfully submitted, penitential accolyte Walt, CTT
Verily, brethren and cistern, the schisms among the Church of Tactical Truth cultists (now officially also known as Dogites) are a source of confusion. Here is a guide to the Dogite schisms:

Cardinal Dog himself, leader of the Mainstream Dogites, only abjures folding thy knife if it is a tactical knife. He has been threatening to make a non-tactical folder for some time -- at first only vague threats for sometime in the indefinite future, but his recent pronouncements are getting more ominous and less indefinite.

The Extremist Wing of the cult, led by a charismatic mystic who reportedly retreats to a meditation cell with kydex walls to commune with the Knife Gods and emerges after his meditations to shout strange revelations into a cistern, believes all folding knives are anathema, whether tactical or not.

A more moderate group of cultists, led by Jim March, believes that folders are permissible but only if they're REALLY BIG.

A former member of the cult was excommunicated, cursed to eternal damnation, and suffered voiding of his warranty for making a folder using the blade from a Mad Dog knife. The name of Namviet Vo is no longer spoken by cult members without being followed by the ritual curse, "May thy knife fold upon thy fingers," and his story is told in whispers to warn children of the awful fate of blasphemers.

-Cougar Allen :{)
Ouch!Ouch!Ouch!Ouch!Ouch!Ouch!Ouch!Ouch!Ouch!Ouch! How do you dial 911 without any fingers? This message was created using speech to text technology.

Update: St. Teryl has spoken, and the threat of a Mad Dog folder has been averted -- but only temporarily. Cultwatchers say though no longer imminent, the threat remains. Details at

The Mainstream Cult and the Moderate Wing are disappointed but still hopeful; the Extremist Wing is rejoicing in the narrow escape but still worried about the future.

Cultwatchers are awaiting confirmation of a charismatic mystic's claim his sacrifices to the Knife Gods averted the apocalypse.

Doctors refused to confirm or deny former cult member Namviet Vo's injuries.

More news as it develops....

-Cougar Allen :{)

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