Mad Dog Mongoose / Wombat?

Jan 19, 1999
I don't find either of these listed on any of the sites that carry Mad Dogs. Are these discontinued items? Where can I order one if not? How much do they cost? I'm ready to buy a Mad Dog and figure that with the size of these particular models, I'll actually be aboe to carry one daily instead of just admire it at home.


I had a Mongoose but have traded it off.
I found the thing to be far too heavy for a neck knife and the alternate horizontal belt sheath was uncomfortable to wear. I could not find a position on my belt where the handle did not stick out conspicuosly. A vertical sheath would have made the Mongoose a MUCH better carry proposition for me, at least. I suggested to Kevin McClung that the knife be supplied with a multi-carry sheath but he was aggressively unsympathetic.
And I do not believe that a covert knife needs to be made from 1/4 inch steel. Butfor a knife it's size, the Mongoose is the strongest around.
Just my thoughts.

Brian W E
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My opinions are based on information available to me. Don't attack my opinions....give me more information.

I have a Wombat (I like tanto blades) and carried it daily until I got an Operator. Yes, they are heavy, but I don't feel them once you have worn them a few days. I just had the Wombat rehandled and resharpened (Thanks Mad Dog!) and it looks like new!

Is the operator similar in size to the Wombat?
And how does the weight compare ?
I am expecting an Operator in the mail TODAY.....part of a trade.

I hope it is today....

Brian W E
ICQ #21525343

My opinions are based on information available to me. Don't attack my opinions....give me more information.

The Operator feels just a tid heavier. The Wombat is shorter by about an inch in the blade, grip on the Operator is about a half inch shorter. I am going to carry the 'bat today. I know you will enjoy your Operator! Highest "Gee-whiz" factor knife I have owned. I carved a buddy's SAK edge off with my Operator.
Over in the Mad Dog forum at "the other place that shall remain nameless"
there's a report of somebody sending a Wombat to a noted folder maker, who cut off most of the tang and did a Sebenza-style grip and a thumbstud.

Kevin ain't seen it yet, he's in Atlanta wrasslin' with the entire Atlanta Bujinkan Dojo. The pyrotechnics when he DOES is gonna be on a whole new level...'cuz Kevin *hates* folders.

It's gonna be epic, I tell ya!

Jim March
Jim, you Sasquatch; may I correct you in one small manner. Mad Dog does not hate folders; he even admired my Ernie Emerson CQC6 custom at KNIFEGNUGEN. What Mad Dog hates is calling a folder 'tactical.'

Which is exactly what the poor miscreant did. Yes, when Mad Dog is, in his state of constant fatigue and frayed nerves, made aware of what has transpired, I am sure he will have some interesting comments. Ones that will define exactly what will and what will not pass the censorship program of the BB. Where is Marlon Perkins and his tranquilizer gun when you REALLY need him? Walt
Canis; I am not sure what a Wombat is, but I have a Mongoose. I saw a few of these in Kevin's shop when I was there last October, but I believe that they have been discontinued. I obtained my Mongoose by advertising for it. You may try the same, as there are a fair number of Mad Dog knives out there. Walt
I have been told that a Wombat is a tanto bladed Mongoose. I have a Wombat and love it dearly!
Fish is correct! Canis, contact Les Robertson of LDC custom. He had a Mongoose at the past show in NY. Never know...


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I obtained both (mint) through a trade. The Tanto version is for mountian climbers - really!

Not bad pieces, but I prefer Dozier - sharper, D2, cheaper, any way you want it, and a whole lot nicer to deal with.

I like that line about "aggressively unsympathetic."