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Mad Dog Operator

Oct 6, 1998
Where could I see a picture of the Mad Dog Operator? I've been told to check out the webpage of Central Florida Knife & Tool but I didn't see it there. Who could help me on this one?
Thank you in advance,
Check out Shannon Lews' site at www.mdenteprise.com

In addition to being a pharmacist, stunt pilot, and one of the finest shots you will ever see, he is also a photographer(and a Mad Dog dealer).

Thanks for the help, Derek! I finally got to see the Operator and it looked pretty cool.


The Operator is a GREAT knife. I just sold mine to a Chief at SEAL Team 3. I feel absolutely naked with out it.

I eventually want to have Kevin make me a black/grey cami version. That will come sometime after the Mongo ATAK come to be. Pick one up if you can. You will not be disappointed.

Take care,

P.S. as a side note, the new ownwer of my Operator is already trying to figure out what his next Mad Dog will be.