Mad Dog Revisited

Nov 6, 1998

I must admit to being surpised with the responses to my prior thread. Any sane person must admit that Mad Dog is treated with fanatic respect on an otherwise decent forum. On that forum (which uses a picture of his knife as its symbol), disagree with Mr. McClung on anything and you've invited a gang attack. Perhaps Mr. McClung should not be blamed for this - although I have not seen him do anything in his capacity as moderator to temper it.

Also, he is without a doubt highly opinionated. Even if he did make the best knives on the planet, IMHO he could show some class (like fellow moderator Darryl Ralph) and not put down the products of other makers - such as those who make folders.

Having Mr. McClung as a MODERATOR is kind o funny when you think about it. The wolf in the chicken coop. His still being a moderator speaks volumes about the business relationships on that forum.

He has hurt many people and my little thread was written becaysue unlike the other forum I thought that one could objectively praise or criticize anyone (i.e., no favorotism) on this forum.

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It is quite obvious, Mr. Christopher, that all you wish to do is start a flame fest. You have contributed nothing of benefit by insisting on opening a second flame attempt.

If I were moderator or administrator of these forums I would yank your access.

You, sir, are up to no good, and your motives are transparent and juvenile.

"quis custodiet ipsos custodes?"


Do not ask us as a site or the members if we are "affraid" of Mad Dog. That is only an invitation for a flame war.

Please do us a favor and keep your remarks to yourself. This is a forum in which people come to talk and discuss their passion which is knives. There are many people in this industry which I would love to roast on this forum and most of you know of whom I am referring however I bite my tongue and so should you.

I own this forum and I want to keep it both civil and fun. This is a hard balance to maintain and to date I have not revoked any posting privileges from anyone and I do not want to start now. I ask you to refrain from your obvious attempts to start a flame war in here.

Many people like Mad Dog and many do not. To make it a subject for a thread is immature and very unprofessional. If you have something against Kevin you can take it to email. This is my forum and I will not allow graffiti and/or personal attacks.

I will allow this thread to stand as long as remarks are made in a civil manner and not about a particular person or another forum. Kevin was chosen to be a moderator by another forum for reasons only known to them. Please do not bring someone else's problems here.

There are several ways to look at any situation. You can be a part of a problem or the solution. You decide.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
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This isn't directly refering to anything anyone else has said, but let's also try to be careful not to turn into a pack of Anti-McClungists. Perhaps the best thing to do now is to simply not comment any further about this and move on (unless it has to do with strictly his knives).
I don’t know Doug, you ask if we’re afraid of Mad Dog , And you start two threads over here against him.

Why don’t you take your stuff over to him or are you the one’s who’s afraid?

Let's all calm down real quick like.

The thing to remember is that opinions are
just that, opinions, and everyone has them. There have been more than a few people
who have voiced similar thoughts about this matter in the past, but when you boil
it down, there are several different issues:
[*]How the other forum handles their moderators is their business, not ours.
[*]Kevin McClung is a highly opinionated individual who makes products that
inspire great loyalty among his customers.
[*]People have expressed their displeasure with how Kevin handles himself or
deals with others.

Without getting too preachy, I will say again what I have said in the past: You reap what you sow, and everyone is responsible for their own actions. So, if you feel that something is wrong, it is up to you to try to change it, and use the best methods that you have at your disposal.

Now, again, I will remind everyone that is a place for information (good and bad) about knifes and knife related issues, not attacks. So, if you have something to discuss, discuss it in a calm and rational manner, without turning to flames.

I can't speak for the other forums, I don't run them, nor do I hold any sway over what they do, or how they operate. I do run this site, however, and I will say this: If you have something to say, say it, but say it within the guidelines that we have established. We owe no favors to any particular maker, brand, or method, we are doing this for the knife industry as a whole.

We will *not* allow the mistakes of the past to be repeated here. There will be no "pack attacks" or "special treatment" of certain individuals: everyone stands on the merits of their own actions.

I have discussed this with Mike, and we have decided to allow this thread to continue, but keep in mind that we have no hidden agenda here: We'd much prefer that the discussion would be about knives.

My suggestion would be that if anyone has a problem, you take it to the source.

If doing that doesn't gain you satisfaction, then use other means at your disposal.

Kevin Jon Schlossberg
SysOp and Administrator for

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OK, no more. I just thought I was acting a bit like him - I didn't even say his products were no good. Afraid was the wrong word. I meant it in a business sense - although I do not know his business relationships. He has done nothing to me personally, I just don't like some of what I've seen and heard about the going ons in the other forum. I guess I'll quit here. Sorry if I've offended anybody. I made a mistake - but my attacks were personal because his attacks were personal. What about the people he hurt, what about the inability to disagree with whatever he said. Thank you.
This is a great and educational forum, BECAUSE it avoids making personal attacks. while I appreciate the desire to roast someone who may well deserve it, since everyone has their own opinion (and their own hit list) one attack is an invitation to turn this forum into the Jerry springer show of the knife kingdom. DC, you like this forum because it is so free, but it remains that way BECAUSE people maintain the polite society . . . despite the considerable effort it may sometimes take. Let's confine oour discussion to products not personalities, and this forum will continue to be first-rate. (My humble newbie .02)
Fishface for Congress

While its fairly entertaining reading sometimes witty attacks against each other and the two forms, its kinda sad too. One of lifes basic rules is it takes TWO (or several) to argue. If no one responds to dumb stuff the flamer looks rather foolish and will stop. Think about it. Also some of my posts that were made tongue in cheek were taken rather seriously by a few. Lifes too short, have fun, thats what attracted me to the forums. Knife collecting is a hobby anyone can do and this is a great medium to enhance that enjoyment. The forum doesnt cost except for the net and I find it a great stress reliever. Im sure many others feel the same. This should not CREATE more stress. Thanks for the time.
I apologize, I made a mistake. And my apologies to Mr. McClung.

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And thou art forviven!

And I confess. The guy annoys me too. There are some temptations that are hard to resist, and Mad Dog's public persona and blood and guts approach to marketing knives is a bit like holding up a sign saying "Flame me!" Jerry Springer annoys me too, so I don't watch his show. And it's easier on my blood pressure to not simply participate in forums where I find the athmosphere unpleasant, when there are so many other things I can do with my time.