Mad Dog vs Sebenza

Oct 13, 1998
I have heard that there is a review of the Sebenza out there written by Mad Dog himself. Anyone know where I could get a copy of this?
It should be in the archive somewhere. I couldn't find it in the Mad Dog forum, so maybe it is in the Review forum. Let me know if you find it or not.


P.S. Nevermind. I searched everywhere on knifeforums, and I couldn't find it. It has to be there somewhere, but it might be posted as a reply under a different subject line. - H.

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IIRC, Mad Dog said that the Sebenza was "adequete" for a folder, and while he wouldn't consider it tactical (like any folder), if he *had* to carry a folder, it would be a Sebenza. He still prefer's fixed blades though.... like we ever had a doubt!

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I know of Mad Dog's aversion to folders. I figured if he had given the Sebenaza a half good review, that was as good as any folder will ever do. Thanks for the info.


The other thing of note is that MD mentioned giving a Sebenza to his son, and mentioning something along the lines of the Sebenza being the only folder he'd trust in use of his son's life. Anyway, whether he'll say folders can be tactical or not, he pretty much came out and said that he trusts the Sebenza as a defense knife (though not as much as a fixed blade I'm sure).

Kevin's praise of the Sebenza during a telephone conversation led to my purchase of one. I believe the official MAD DOG comments on the Sebenza and his son can be found at the Chris Reeves forums at
IMHO, the Sebenza is better than anything Mad Dog sells (and I think his products are pretty good). He dislikes folders and stainless steels, so make up your own mind.
If I recall, Kevin's number one, numero uno, praise for the Sebenza was it's LOCK. He said the handle ergonomics were adequate, but not great, that the deep hollow grind cut efficiently but was weak (and he also said that blade strength is not a priority in a pocket knife). Most of all he loved the lock's dependability, because he is disgusted by liner locks. There are, however, many great locks out now, so I would have to wonder how he would feel about some of them, like the Axis.

I think I was the one that leaked that Mad Dog had a Sebenza originally when I saw him at his shop last spring and he pulled it out to open a package.

More than the lock, I think he respected the BG42 steel rather than ATS34 and that the fit and finish was "acceptable".