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Magna Review


Aug 3, 1999
WOW WHAT A KNIFE!! First impression.

I got my new Outdoor Edge Magna today (along with my Luminox watch, Thanks James Mattis).

The knife is very large. On first inspection I can find no faults with the construction or materials. It is a very well made knife that more than fills my hands. It has a very nice finish and the colors are very pleasing in this world of black tactical knives. The instruction sheet that came with the knife states "a solid workhorse that can handle any outdoor cutting task". I must agree and add any indoor cutting task also. After opening the knife several times I had to try the edge. It shaved my arm with no trouble. I then cut several boxes into shreads to check the edge geometry, no problems there. I have not dulled the edge enough to warrant resharpening, so I cant tell you about that. I truly feel that this is the knife to carry for any extreme situation you may incounter.

Now for the flip side. Maybe due to the size of my hands, I have a little problem with the gripping ridges on the blade. When I open the knife the ridges will catch and pinch my hand at the base of my forfinger. If I pay more attention to my hand placement, that does not happen. The other thing that is immediately noticeable is the weight. It is on the heavy side however, that is what you get with a knife this size.

I think that the positive things this knife has going for it will far outweigh the negitive things. I am glad I purchased this knife!

If you have not done business with James at Chai Cutlery, you need to! Very nice guy with a big heart. Thank you James.
Congratulations CAL:

You are the first to post a review on the Magna and you have just won your choice of a free Wedge or Wedge II. E-mail me your shipping address with your choice of Wedge model and the knife will be on it's way.

Very good review and appreciate all your comments. The gripping ridges were placed on both the top and bottom of the blade to offer extra grip security. Since the Magna was designed as a hard use knife and is also a guardless design we felt the extra security these ridges offer is a plus. I am a little suprised that the gripping ridges pinched your finger however maybe it just takes some getting used to.

Again thanks and congratulations.

Outdoor Edge Cutlery Corp.

David Bloch,

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Thanks, CAL!

I haven't put them both on a scale, but the Magna feels like it's in the same class for blade length and weight as ye olde Buck 110 Folding Hunter. Similar utility too.

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