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magnetic auto revisited- I have an idea

Nov 24, 1999
There was a thread earlier on the possibility of an automatic that was propelled by magnets rather than springs. The idea was brought up about the opposing forces of magnets with equal polarity being strong enough to provide the kick.
My idea is basically a simple liner or frame lock with no detent. Instead, the stop pin should be magnetized as strongly as possible, and fixed in between titanium handle slabs so that it can rotate. Another magnet would be fitted into the tang of the knife in a place that would allow it to come in contact with the stop pin. The tang shape would be very similar to that of a BM750 pinnacle Where the tang hits the stop pin to keep the knife from closing to far and dulling the blade.
The stop pin would have a stud attached to it similar to a Lev R Lock type flipper that would allow you to rotate the stop pin 180 degrees which would switch the direction of the poles. When the knife is closed, the poles are fixed opposite which cause the stop pin to attract the tang of the knife and hold it closed. When you flip the lever and reverse the pole on the stop pin, the two magnets repel each other and force the knife open. The flipper would have to be spring loaded to always bring the stop pin back to the attracting pole for convenience.And to ensure that the knife stays closed when not in use.
You could probably work it out to have the magnet and the stop pin seperate but it would lengthen the tang and give a smaller blade to handle ratio. The strength of the magnets needed would depend on the size of the knife and the smoothness of opening. My guess is that something along the lines of rare earth magnets that are pretty strong and fairly inexpensive would work fine.
Since I don't have the equipment to put one of these together yet anyone can try that wants to. Or you can call it a stupid idea.

If you get rich off it and take all the credit I'll just piss and moan until I'm old and in a nursing home and can devote all my time to planning the perfect murder

Well, its an idea anyway

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