magnets in NEALY kydex a good idea?


Oct 11, 1998
his knives are first rate, but IMHO i have my doubts about this magnet holding the knife idea for a kydex multi position sheath. these magnets are powerful so if you place that knife and sheath inside the waist by your wallet say good by to the strips on your credit cards, atm card, etc....

other wise the sheaths seems like a great idea and gotta love those simple clean lined knves.


Well if the Chineese are right at least you may get good health out of it

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i believe it was in ancient assyria, where if you were to covertly sprinkle iron filings on the hips(i am being polite with terminology here) on the woman of your desire and then wore a magnet on your "privates"; the 2 parties in involved would find themselves physically attracted and aroused by each other.

no joke. they really used to do this....

while i did not discuss a knife topic directly here, i hope the mention of iron made something of a subject overlap>;-)

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IMO there are alot reasons not to carry magnets around on your hip. There are alot of sensor equipments that include a flux field as part of an over all security system. Strong magnets can definitely disrupt these fields from distances that would otherwise have kept you safe. Even if your not SpecOPs it is no fun being tagged by someones security system.
Then of course you have the magnetic media issue, to include audio tapes.
Another issue is that of magnetizing the blade of the knife. It can be very aggrevating to contend with a magnetic field when working in tight quarters surrounded by metal. It can get quite noisey as things start grabbing on to each other. In working with magnetrons on microwave systems we use beryllium/copper alloy tools to avoid the aggrevation of the magnetic field. (great for computer work also, no accidental fields building up on tools).