Magnum Cataloge

Jan 21, 1999
I just found out I can get a BM Spike for just under six dollars! Man I sure wish I had waited before I bought my first one.
They are fake
I know but I didn't get to go to the Blade Show so I needed something to talk about. I've heard that patent and maritime are the only true areas of legal specialization. Is there a patent attorny on the forum? How can BM stop this? Or do they want to? It seems like a clear cut rip off to me.
If BM had a patent, which I'm betting they don't. The "Spike" is just a shape, not a mechanism or idea that can be described in pattent terms. Yeah, Spyderco has patented the S-curve on the Civilian (I understand) and Cold Steel has somehow patented the "Nogales Clip Point" (though it's a shape several centuries old), but in general folks can't or don't apply patents to knife designs unless it's for some new lock or clip or something.

What rip-offs fail to respect is intellectual property. Things don't need a patent to be intellectual property, but that's virtually impossible (and unprofitable) to defend. The best defense is what we can do as buyers - don't buy rip-offs!!!

Incidentally, I just noticed a new S&W automatic knife that's a clear rip-off of the Benchmade Pardue 3500. What a shame! The worst thing is when legitimate companies produce quality knives but cannot apparently produce quality designs of their own. I held the S&W line in very high regard as low- to mid-priced, solid, reliable knives (folders, fixed blades, and autos). They have been sorely tarnished in my eyes by the addition of this imposter to their line.


(Why else would a bear want a pocket?)