Magnum EU-17: Number 13.

Oct 5, 2004
My Magnum EU-17 arrived in Australia today.

What an awesome piece of INFI it is!

Jerry, thank you for sending me number 13. 13 has been my lucky number (women, money, business) for quite a while, and it seems auspicious that my biggest and baddest Busse is number 13.

With an Australian accent it sounds a little different.

Either that or I should leave the Irish whisky alone when Busse knives arrive.
and don't leave the Irish along!! Can I ask what sounds kinda like a silly question? What is the difference betwix the EU-17 and the Magnum version?? Besides just bigger?! Where bigger? Never saw a side-by-side... Thanks! Tom
David Brown is sending mine off with its desert camo pant on monday!! :D I will have my first Busse for Christmas!! :D :D
She is getting fitted right now. :eek:
Hey Thor, you're going to be seriously impressed when it arrives. The full flat grind and handle shape are sweet.

FLH: The blade is 9" long instead of 7". I'm pretty sure that someone posted a side by side photo a couple of days ago, so try a search for EU-17. I'm definitely going to keep the Irish whisky around: you need something in the other hand to balance the weight of the magnum.