Maintainence free knife?

Jul 27, 2001
Hey everybody, Just seen the Mission Knives website. Sounds like titanium knives are the way to go. Anyone have used or seen their folding knife the MPF 1? Thanks
i haven't had any experience with titanium blades, but i have heard that they don't take or hold much of an edge compared to a good steel blade (ats-34/154cm, 440c, carbon steel, etc.). and most good stainless requires little maintenance, especially ion you get a coated blade.
You could try the Talon. Not Titanium, but Talonite and it still wont rust. People say it holds an edge too.
Titanium isn't a great choice for everyday carry unless your going for a rust free folding pry bar. The general consensus seems to be that its hard to sharpen, doesn't take a good edge, and doesn't hold it very long. It is however extremely resistant to corrosion and is tough stuff. The beta alloys used to make Ti blades are very pricey too. I think for your money, your better off going for talonite. I haven't heard a bad remark about it yet. ( except from the poor knifemakers who have to cough up the cash for carbide cutters and new grinding belts all the time ;) its hard to work with due to the fact that its hardened from the get go ). Once its been turned into a blade though,its supposed to be easy to sharpen, great at holding an edge, and rust proof.
I know we have stainless this and stainless that and wonder bar steel etc.Titanium,so it won't rust,doesn't make an all round good blade material though.Sharpening is maintainence also,if titanium doesn't hold a good edge or is hard to sharpen then it really isn't maintainence free either.I don't think wiping down a knife with a tuff cloth or a drop of lube in a pivot area on a folder once in a while is much maintainence.I've had very few problems with rust in my lifetime,even with non-stainless steels.If you wish to have a knife that doesn't rust under any condition,then I agree with going with talonite,but talonite will eventually get dull and require sharpening maintainence.It's a nice concept "Maintainence Free" and the industry has made some exceptional innovations.
However;In reality,if you gain in one area,you usually lose something in another.Whether it be edge holding,cutting performance,ease of sharpening,corrosion resistance, etc.they are all tough attributes to have in one type of steel.Well there is my two cents,but I don't know anything anyway,I'm just rambling.Take Care,Ralph