Major change year for my collection

Dec 2, 1999
I've made quite a few transactions this year, both buying and selling. I started out goin after California Buckeye Burl, then deciding that I'm after the best looking, and also Mayo'ed ones. I'm sorry my pix suck.

Left side:
ATS-34 (P83)
Mayo'ed small classic
Mayo'ed small regular
Mayo'ed Large regular

Right Side:

Buckeye Burl
Buckeye Burl
Maple Burl
Redwood Burl
Box Elder Burl
What is that noise? Oh yeah, it's my drool meter. Time to change shirts and find my bib. :eek: :D :)
Nice collection Dave. I feel a bit hipocritical posting this since not too long ago I was commenting on whether or not people actually use their Sebenzas and whether they were really worth the money just to sit in a Safe. I must re-cant. I have vastly thinned my collection this year alleviating MOST of the duplicate entries. So my wife is happy, I now have a little room, not to mention a little cash that is in dire need of re-investment. ;) That being said, I was cruising on True North Knives and saw the knife below. I don't know if I could ever bring myself to carry it but when I saw it, well I just had to have it. It is a Box Elder Burl in a 2004 Small Sebenza. When I finally got it in my hands I must say that I was deeply impressed with it's beauty. It actually looks much richer and deeper in person. All while not loosing it's feel of ruggedness. Hard to explain but I may be in trouble. :D
Brian thanks for the note, that one was put on site the day after I bought a large Box Elder, I probably would have bought thatone if I waited anothe day.
Funny you say that. I don't have any Large Sebenzas and I probably would have looked very hard at the one you got as well. If yours is half as pretty as mine then we are two of the luckiest guys in the world in my eyes. ;) I haven't ever been able to hold one of the large sebbies so I don't know if it is too big for me. I know that I absolutely love the small ones though. Since my comments earlier this month I have made it a point to carry a small regular for the past few weeks. I am learning that I really like the "Bomb Proof" feel of the Sebenza in my pocket. I still carry my slipjoint, don't think I could ever displace that, but I sure like the feel of a seriously stout lockblade in my pocket as well.

I have been trying to figure out a way to sneak a large Sebbie with Damascus past my wife though. :rolleyes:
Dave, great looking collection. I am down to two right now, but I will have to do something about that. The buckeye burl is awesome.
Dave those Mayo's are really holding back your Woodie collection. You should sell them to me, so you can buy more Woodie's. :D
Dave, those are great, your picture is pretty good too! Nice!