maker's mark?

Apr 24, 2000
I've seen ad's for stamps in Blade Mag, etc. and I'm wondering who you folks would recommend. Any one company better than the others as far as quality, price, etc.? Thanks in advance.
I us Harpers. They are real nice people. A little advice if you will, make or get a jig to hold the stamp while you wack the mofo out of it and it will not double stamp.
Mark Hazen
I just got my stamp today believe it or not.
I looked around a long time and went with Henry Evers. His web site ain't much at but they respond to email. If you request one they will send you a brochure. Had great time dealing with the folks at Evers.

I guess they can build one to fit into any size space. You just tell them how long and they will make it. They even put mine in the tang stamp holder size in case I decide to buy the stamp holder later on. Just tell them what you want.

A little trick someone told on one of these knife chat places is to put a piece of masking tape on the blade where you want to stamp. I use the thin automotive type. This helps provide a bite for the stamp so it does not slip around on slick metal to metal contact. Then like mchazen said "wack the mofo" out of it. But just once.

Tony Huffman
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