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Makers of Custom Butterfly Knives

Oct 31, 1998
I would like some suggestions on a knife maker I can contact that makes custom Butterfly knives of excellent quality with a good turnaround time.I prefer not to have to wait a year on a waiting list.Would I be better off just waiting for a knife show and see what turns up there?I live in N.Y. are there any knife shows coming soon to NY or the CT area?.Thanks in advance,RS
Mr. Schott,

I don't see any butterflies on your web site. Do you do these yourself too?

For what its worth - there's a nice old one on eBay now. A Mint Hackman Balisong Folder
Item #117720920 - Don't wait its been bid up a bit already. I keep mine in my survival kit.
Mr. Schott,

There is considerable interrest in these unique knives. As I was telling a fellow in the other ongoing butterfly thread, though, they're not as simple as they seem. A simple one can have as few as three parts, a blade and two handles (the latch is optional). One of Benchmade's top-of-the-line ones has 14 parts, not counting any fancy handle inserts, etc. Balance is very important.

But, I would like to encourage you to try. I love adding a new maker to my collection. Please let me know when you're ready and we'll talk...

Don't know if he still makes them or not, but Ralph Turnbull has sure made some beauties.

I'd love to own any of several I have seen pix of.


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