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Making my 300th Post count!

Feb 19, 1999
300 Posts in Blade forum! I know that there are several folks out there with a lot more than that to their credit, but I got to thinking about what those 300 posts mean. What are they worth?
In 300 Posts, I've made new friends. People that I may never meet, but consider to be my friends none the less.
I've been inspired to become a Forum Moderator on another website dedicated to teaching women how to defend themselves, and I've come back here and gotten sound advice on those rare occasions when I've gotten a little over my head.
I've gotten involved in the Stun Gun tests, which will hopefully prevent an innocent from being harmed because they placed more faith in their equipment than it deserved.
I've made a couple of unsuccessful attempts at helping a Maker "Name-A-Knife" and bought one of those knives, even though Alan Folts didn't pick MY name! *Mantis ain't as good as my suggestion, but the knife is great! Thanks Alan!*
I've picked up a few pointers in the Shop Talk Forum and helped out a few newbies in return.
In short,
I've had a really great time, and Bladeforums has become an importatant part of my day, and my life.
You guys ALL make a difference in my day.
Thanks to all of you, but most especially,
Thanks Mike,
Thanks Spark!

I cut it, and I cut it, and it's STILL too short!

Hi Howard,
Check your email, I just sent you a link to it.

I cut it, and I cut it, and it's STILL too short!

To Ken:

I am new to Blade Forums and currently at lowly "Member Status". Needless to say I am getting hooked real fast. I don't know if it is my subconsious pushing me to attain "Senior Status" or it's just plain fun! Definately the latter.

My recent addiction is causing some friction with my wife with my wife. As a manufacturer I put in a full days work on the subject of knives. When I come home, fire up the computer and then put up knife related posts, my wife says, " You are Still Working!" I try to explain this is not work, it's a hobby. Regretably, my explanation falls way short of convincing her.

Any advise from fellow married Forumites. Please Help!

Outdoor Edge Cutlery Corp.

David Bloch,
David asked:

Any advise from fellow married Forumites. Please Help!

Be real nice to your wife.

Paul Neubauer

Send her away to visit her mother like I just did.

"Every Dog Has His Day"


Real early and real late works pretty good. Also, the internet has a lot less traffic then too, so reading and posting is quite a bit faster.


I enjoy reading your posts and have learned quite a bit from them - most recently the testing you and Cougar have gone through to descredit the stun gun effectiveness. Thanks to you and Cougar for that one.

Also, I believe you've given me the biggest ROTFLMAO I've had in the last year with your post about shaving your dogs butt instead of your arm to test sharpness! I love my dogs, but the image that brought to mind just plain cracked me up!

Take care!

Hi David!
Glad to have you amongst the Knife Knuts! Resistance is Futile you will be assimilated!

Gee, I can see that you have a terrible problem there, so I'll tell you what I'll do! I'll trade you 200 posts for 14 hours with your job! LOL!
What a dream!
As far as how to deal with the wife, the way I handle it, is to buy my wife a knife, gun, bow, every other time I get one! This makes my hobbies twice as expensive, and thank GOD she only likes to smell my cigars, I'd have to get another job if that hobbie doubled in price!
In other words, drag her along and get her into the fun! Makes your hobbie and your marriage more fun!

Hi Bob!
Thanks for the kind words!

Yeah, shaving the dog's butt to test blade sharpness seemed like a good idea at the time, but here's a word to the wise.
BE VERY CAREFUL where you pet German Shepards with sunburt butts! They do NOT have a sense of humor!

*Ask Lucky Dog!* HEHEHEHE *Thanks and sorry LD!*
David I am married as well adn you have met my wife. She has problems with the amount of time I spend here but I have also gained much from this experience.

Knowledge is power!

Wait till you see what WOW has coming down the pike! I knew WOW would be a cool name!

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

Ken -- are you sure you're BF addiction is cause for celebration?

As for me, I thought I was hovering between 300-400 and was shocked to see I've posted 700+ already! (Not counting my KF and BMF posts). It really is worth as I feel like an industry "insider", met and meeting new friends, got the chance to own one of the finest production folder (440V Military), and have tons of fun!

David -- As Ken said, make your wife a knife knut and a forumite, too!

Mike -- a big thank you to you and Spark for the Forum!
So Ken, 300 eh? Well guess I've got a long way to go to even get close to that.

So, how do you know how many posts you have, or a you just guessing?

Well, enjoy.

Oh by the way, got that other thing to install finally
Click on the "bio" icon in one of your posts. It shows the current number, not the number when that post was made.

-Cougar Allen :{)
To Bob Irons and Adviseful Married Forumites:

Thanks for the tips. We settled on early morning, and she's cool with it. Now I wake up to to a little Blade Forums and a cup of coffee.

I pretty much can forget about coming home from work and firing up Blade Forums. That was not in the deal and would cause trouble. I guess I can always sneak in a post or two before heading home. What she doesn't know is good.

[This message has been edited by David Bloch (edited 28 June 1999).]
Ken, why don't you just post the URL of that women's self defense forum here instead of sending it in e-mail? I'm sure you'd get a lot more hits that way...

(Me? Oh, just curious... I don't need the URL myself, at least not at the moment.)

Tony S.

300, WOW! It makes me wonder how long you have been a member at bladeforums.

Man, I only have around a 165, but I've only been a member for 2.5 months.

"All of our knives open with one hand, in case you're busy with the other"
Hey guys! LOL
Actually it sounds like Stompy and I are running about the same speed! I've only been here about 4 months myself!

My wife is an internet widow!
*Send donated knives to the Wontcha Please Give? foundation*
BTW, Congrats on the Janus deal Stompy!
*Still think they should have gone with either my name or Chickenbiscuit!

I cut it, and I cut it, and it's STILL too short!