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Oct 2, 1998
Since we've chose a few new moderators, it's time to go ahead and let you know who they are....

In the Reviews forum, we are adding Joe Talmadge and Cliff Stamp (if he accepts the position).

In the General Forum, Bob Allman (Bald1) is joining James as a moderator.

In the Custom Forum, we are adding Gus Kalanzis, Larry Connolly (sp? Sorry Larry!) and Howard Falz.

In the Automatic Knife Forum, we'll be adding Tim Flanagan.

If you don't see someone's name here, you can still nominate them. If you've been nominated, please let us know if you'd like to be a moderator, because we'd like to add you to the team.

We may be adding new forums as well and we will definately be implementing the new category/subcategory listings to minimize vertical scroll around the first of the month.

Thanks for your support,

ScubaSpark (in honor of Floyd the Destroyer)

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Thanks! More than happy to help out. I've e-mailed both you and James about the appointment.

-=[Bob Allman]=-

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