Malla - First Impressions

Jan 10, 2001

Oi Vey Mir - Where to start?? Bad first: Chos on karda and chakmak were rough. Good chance to use new set of diamond files (they don't bounce off of hardened steel like test files). Yes, they do. Dremel tool and extra-fime Cratex worked like a charm.

Cracked handle: Super glue worked as advertised. A little sanding dust on top almost makes it invisible. Typing with three fingers glued together is something else.

Handling: Superlatives go here, but haven't found one high-powered enough yet. Super Sirupati comes to mind, as does Kobra Lite Magnum, but they are only close. I'm afraid that when the right one comes to mind, it will be enthusiastic but unprintable. The handle is exactly the same diminsions as the 25" Kobra, and the control over the shorter blade is fantastic. Balance is about 2 3/4" forward of the cho, and just right for blade length and weight. This is one fast puppy!!!

I like my 12" Sirupati and AK, but if I can make my hideout sheath into a high-ride, this will be my choice for walkabout. It of course has many other uses, but first time out of the sheath, it says "Fighter". It will be a while before I play with any other blade.

How long does it take for skin to grow? I can't hold a coffee cup like this.

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Funny how completely different styles can evoke the same feelings. My 16.5" WWII Bura variant feels massive and solid and most un-fighter like, but once you get it going, nothing is going to stop it ( Look out redwoods - your time isn't long ). But dependable and trustworthy, etc., etc., etc.

Enjoy. Sounds like you've got a khuk for yourself that is extra special. Just think that without HI you'd probably never have known that feeling.


Damn straight!!! Not even my 625 evokes such a feeling. I think this may well be the most (power - what?) that I've ever held in one hand. I've gotten a good many other things from here as well, and "comraderie" is only a pale description.

I agree with you. I have a Malla by Kumar that whispers "fighter." You and I aren't the only ones to feel this way too. Howard described the feeling of wielding one of these blades with much more poetic words than I could. He got the first one.
Khukuries ( at least some of them ) NEED to DANCE with their partners now and then. It helps them remember what they are and what their purpose in "life" is.

If you understand, no explanation is needed.
If you don't, no explanation is possible.
When I wanted a fighter khukuri for the MA style I'd just started, a Malla was one of the last contender with 18 century without hatchmark, and Ghopte. Somehow a 12 incher bug was haunting me at that time. For the short length, I wanted a beefy blade with a fat belly. Eventually my decision ended up with a Ghopte.

Still a Malla seems quite attractive for its standard 18" OAL to me. I'd buy one some day if... if my GS tells me she can get along with her!

Otokohadaremo yumenofunanori.
Shonennohinoakogare shinutokimade wasurezunidaiterumonodayo.
nail polish remover will free your fingers of the grip of Superglue. It's what they use in the ER when people show up with their hands glued together.
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Mochiman1:
nail polish remover will free your fingers of the grip of Superglue. It's what they use in the ER when people show up with their hands glued together.</font>


Thakth fr the advith, but I licked it off before it thet.