Mammoth Ivory Mnandi

I ran across a pic of one of these this weekend at TrueNorthKnives. It has to be the nicest Mnandi I've ever seen.

Wonder if you could get a small classic w/ mammoth ivory inlays?
My problem with these is that every time I find one on Knifeart or TNK, it is already sold!!!!!1:mad:

These are really nice pieces.

Yeah I saw that one for sale on the web. DROOOOOLLL!!! DROOOOOL!!!!!! DROOOOOL!!!!!!! And a little pricey---- yikes!!!!!!!:eek:

I have laid off from my usual job for a few months now......So knife purchases have been very slim lately!!!!! These things are not getting any less expensive, but they sure grab my attention. So I have to treat myself now and then. :)

Right now I am trying to obtain a Mnandi. Maybe later when things get better finance and career wise........I will get the wood inlaid small classic and the regular small wood inlaid maybe with box elder burl.

Cya, JC
Yes, that one has been there a while.

The gold and diamonds is larding up the price unless you really want them.

Also, the first one that went (posted above) had the very nice Roquefort strain through it - quite unique.
I have to say that when i first saw internet pics of the diamond inlays when they started using them, i assumed that the diamonds were probably small, and not of any great quality, well, having now seen a few in person, i was really surprised that the diamonds are actually not that small, and are extremely bright and have great color/sparkle.

I still am not sure i want diamonds on my knife, but i guess i should have known CR wouldnt skimp on the quality of ANY material used in their knives. Ill never doubt again... :)
I had a similar experience Mega--except it was with the gold wire. I thought it was painted on but its actually a piece of solid gold running through the inlay. :eek: