man-im getting the knife blahs...

Jul 14, 2000
i'm getting tired of the same ole same ole..
so what new and innovative knives are coming otu soon? im really liking the looks of some of these new kershaws,but any others???
i know some of the custom makers have collaborations coming out...what are they?lets here it!
I got a new one coming out with Columbia River Knife and Tool, and it also looks like we may be seeing a carbon fiber M16-04/14 and some spearpoint blades.
I hear Ginsu has some new models coming out...


I get some pleasure from finding a relentlessly peaceful use for a combative looking knife.
BM's got their 690, an Elishewitz colob, and several other new models.
Outdoor Edge will have the Paragee, taken from Darrel Ralph's Apogee.
MT's gonna have a Lightfoot fixed blade that looks pretty awesome.
Spyderco's Lum Chinese just hit the streets.

Tired of the same ole same ole? Design a one-of-a-kind custom, and find a good maker. Then you can get excited about figuring out how to pay for the thing
The next year should be very interesting. We have a "lock war" going on between manufacturers. Then there are the custom collaborations. And who knows what mystery super steel will arrive on the scene? Will the next year bring improvements and innovation, or gimmicks? And lets not forget the rising popularity (rebirth) of the fixed blade. Knife "blahs"? I don't think so. I just hope I can afford some of them.

If you are board with the stuff that is out now then you should go take a look at some of the stuff that has been out of production for a while. There are some fantastic knives around that go back 50, 100, maybe even 200 years. The better 19th century metal work is hard to surpass even with the equipment available today.

Look around, find something you like, and if you have the guts and the wallet you can try to find someone to produce a clean reproduction using modern material. BTW the older knives provide better service as historical records than tools.


Hey Kit it's great to see that you are going to be working with CRKT on more knives, but yours are better. I don't care how much more they cost,or how much longer I have to wait, I prefer the originals.
Al Mar have a new larger version of the SERE 2000 coming soon.
If you like custom knives Darrel Ralph has a new large folder in the works. I think everyone is going to love this one.