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Man kills deer with pocketknife !


Jan 31, 1999
Man Kills Deer with Pocket Knife
HERRIN, Ill. (AP) -- A man out for a walk in the woods killed a deer with a pocket knife after the animal charged him.
Paul Cheatham, 61, said he grabbed the six-point, 130-pound buck by the horns when it attacked. He then held it with one hand, opened a pocketknife with his mouth and jabbed the deer in the rib cage.
''I knew if I let him go, he would kill me,'' Cheatham said. ''I hung on and got my legs around his neck. We wrestled around quite a while.''
Cheatham suffered bruises over much of his body.
What shoddy reporting ! (How could the writer not tell us what kind of knife ??!!)

Some of the best evidence that every knife be a one-hander.

Some folks hunt a lifetime with bow & gun and never bag a 6-pointer !

Someone track this guy down and get him on BladeForums. This I gotta hear!
Not bad RH. However, some years ago I heard of a japanese guy, stopping and killing a water buffalo with one single stroke on the buffalo´s forehead using just his fist!! What about that??
Originally posted by RH:
He then held it with one hand, opened a pocketknife with his mouth and jabbed the deer in the rib cage.

Just like General Forrest did to his subordinate who shot him while saying "No damned man kills me and lives".

I wonder if Mr. Cheatham came up with any cool quotes while wrestling with the deer, other than "you ****, I'll ***
** kill you, hold still!".
Whew, I am having a hard time buying this one.

I have seen deer do some amazing things when mortally injured - leap a 6 foot fence with three remaining legs, for instance.

Yet, they say this geezer killed one with a pocket knife? I might be convinced if it said he stabbed it through an eye, or cut its throat, but through the ribs? And the part about grabbing the deer by the antlers as it rushed him?? No way!

This is a fun post, but, I give it until no later than 10am until Paracelsus drop-kicks it to community. I'll keep an eye out for more there.

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To Samwereb: What's this comment, "Yet, they say this geezer killed one with a pocket knife?" What are us old guys supposed to use, shuffleboard wickets? For you young whippersnappers, we prefer to be called 'Fossilized Americans.'--OKG
Yeah, right...and I stopped an Iraqi tank with a pea shooter!! No, really I did, they were armor piercing peas!!!

Amazing what they report in the news these days.

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Maybe it was one of those OJ folders or a Pakistani 8" job from Smoky Mountain!
I've killed a couple pocket knives with deer (breaking the tip hitting heavy pelvic bone) and I saw a deer almost kill a close friend with a western bowie (he stabbed himself in the leg while trying to slit the throat of a downed buck which was still thrashing.) LMAO
"Fossilized Americans"
Good one Old Knife Guy!
I can buy the deer story, but a man killing a water buffalo by punching it? Yeah Right!
He should be a Pro Boxer.
Okay, I'll buy the story...

I mean, we're talking about a 130 lb. deer. How it managed to rack up (pardon the pun) six points is beyond me, but let's face it, we're talking about something tiny. It is conceivable, nay, even probable, that the paper did not accurately describe the damage done.

If this guy did manage to stab it in the ribs (read: lungs), then we're looking at what, three or four inches of penetration? Adrenaline and all, I don't think that's unrealistic to assume. Second, if the deer was thrashing about (remember, this is a SMALL deer--130 lbs.--ever kept your girlfriend at bay? This is about the same), the knife would've torn a ragged wound, increasing the bleeding.

Finally, consider that the paper doesn't say, or even imply, an instant kill. Quite the contrary, it quotes the man as stating that they wrestled around for some time, after he got his legs around its neck.

Now, picture it in your mind: an average man is usually pictured as weighing 150 lbs. A 130 lb. deer could not easily (I'll go out on a limb and even say it would be impossible) support that weight with its neck. Especially not while thrashing about and losing blood from a punctured lung.

All in all, the story is actually pretty bellievable, except for some baby whitetail having six points and suicidal tendencies. I can't imagine what would drive a young deer like that to attack what would have to have been an obviously larger opponent. Rabies? Desperation? Fear of an ear tag and radio collar? Or a panic-stricken attempt to save its virginity? This was Illinois, after all.

But anyway, on similar topics, although my knowledge of animal anatomies is very limited (I know not to stand in front of a camel, behind a horse, or anywhere near a Pekingese...), I know that it is possible to kill a human by a single blow to the chest or to the head. In the case of the chest shot, the sudden compression and pressure bursts the heart, and results in a reasonably unpleasant demise in a timely fashion. In the case of the head blow, the person either sustains a broken neck or dies from concussive trauma. The first is quite fast, while the second is (relatively speaking) much slower. And no, I'm not a doctor, but this is what several doctors and instructors have explained to me. I used to fight tournament Karate, and I've seen a couple of people get very badly injured and killed because they took a bad hit wrong. The sound of a neck snapping is one of the few things I've ever heard that can silence an entire gymnasium almost instantly. So it's not completely beyond possibility that someone with the right technique and strength could kill a bull with his bare hands.

Okay, enough dissertation, already. Back to the party! This whole thing reminds me of the 911 Deer story. Ever heard it? Had me ROTFLMAO!

Vaya con Queso!!!
Just when we start having a little fun, someone has to go and get all technical on us. BTW, they used to play the deer 911 call on the radio all the time here in Madison WI and it had me laughing every time every time the guy asks for the "bambulance."

"I can't believe you stabbed me with this cheap piece of mail-order sh*t"
James Caan in 'Eraser'
Sorry, Kirch,

I just thought I'd prevent VG from running any "tests," on neighbourhood pets or local livestock...

Of course, it doesn't count if you SCARE the cow to death, does it???


Vaya con Queso!!!
OKG - You grey panthers should go on killing them the way you always have: By driving in the left-hand lane with your left turn signal on for two hours! :)
If you read the newspaper article, the law was sceptical and had the deer examined. It's wounds were from a 3" blade. It's always possible it had a heart attack. It had been wrestling with the guy for some time before the stabbing. They claim that it happened when deer were in rut and therefore protecting territory.

As for Mas Oyama killing bulls, it's well documented. Mr. Oyama is sort of the father of modern karate (at least in terms of making it famous in the USA). On exhibition he would fight a bull. He would hack off horns with karate chops. Whack it around and kill it. All bare handed. I think this was either in the 1950's or very early 60's.

HEY! Maybe the "pocketknife" was a Sifu. And maybe he didn't actually open it with his teeth, the reporter just said he did. Stranger things have been said by reporters.

That would explain a lot of things I think. Heck, some similar "accurate" reporting could account for a 130 lb rampaging buck with 6 points!

If a guy can kill a bear with a pocket knife, then a deer should be no problem. Not that I'm gonna try it, but I'd take my chances with a deer sooner than a bear.

(Anyone notice if you mix up deer and bear you get dear beer?)

But really, if you buy the bear kill story then the deer doesn't sound all that amazing.

Jason aka medusaoblongata
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To Samwereb: No, I kill deer just like all old guys do. I wait until the deer is doing something important that it really likes. Then I sit down, get all nice and comfy, stare the deer right in the eyes and say, "When I was a lad..." The deer is usually stiff when it hits the ground...--OKG