Managing without kitchen knives

There are often threads here about "if you could only have X knives" which often disregard those you use for cooking. I thought it would be fun to see if you really could manage with "general purpose" knives in the kitchen, the results are in the thread <a href="">Two weeks without kitchen knives</a>.

Urban Fredriksson
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A Marttiini and a Brusletto knife, links to Scandinavian manufacturers, Fällkniven K1+K2 kitchen knives

"All this takes only about ten seconds, and then I hang the knife vertically, with a nail through the thong hole (and that's one of the big reasons why most every LOVELESS knife has a thong tube; it makes things easy, handling the blades and knives here in the shop)."
- How to make knives, Richard W. Barney and Robert W. Loveless

Esav Benyamin

Apr 6, 2000
Knives I use in my kitchen:

3.25" Opinel
3.5" large plain Sebenza
4" Frosts of Sweden clip point
4" Tapio Wirkkala puukko
9" Marttiini filet knife

Yeah, I use butter knives, too, but the Frost could do that, too.

Thanks for the testing! I'm looking for a straight-edged knife for the kitchen to be used in chopping cilantro and other stringy or weedy foods. I lent my Military to my wife and she said it was OK for cutting, but lousy at chopping, due to the curved blade. If you know of any "non-kitchen" (not normally or specifically meant for kitchen use) knife with a straight edge, in a 2 digit price range, please let me know.

Why not just get her a good kitchen set? She loves her beat-up, broken, nicked set. And I'm trying to get her to get a least a bit interested in MY kind of knives.

Any help would be appreciated. TIA!

Champions make improvements as fast as losers make excuses.
A.G. Russell has his folding Hocho kitchen knife. Something like $65.00. I've been tempted a time or too, but haven't tried it out yet. It has a basic cleaver shape and should chop fairly well.

To Phatch: I agree, I saw the hocho and I wanted one! About a month ago I had a debate with ClassifiedOO. I went home for lunch, and started nuking a vege-burger. I opened a new bag of onion buns, forgetting they are NOT pre-sliced. The microwave was running, my hand was messy from the buns and I didn't want to go poking through the drawers. I did have a ATKO-8. I cut open the bun, and since the blade was dirty, I buttered the bun with it. Had a great lunch, and washed and oiled the knife later.
Well, Classified00 almost bit the ear off his teddy bear! I got a stern tongue lashing for using a tactical knife in a non-life threatening situation. If I'm hungry, that's a crisis...--OKG
OKG - Excuse the ignorance, but what's an AKTO-8? Thanks to both of you.

Champions make improvements as fast as losers make excuses.