Mantis Swords?

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Mar 2, 1999
I'm in the market for a short sword with a more traditional type edge, can't afford a Hartsfield, I found this in the latest Blade Magazine I got today and had an add for Mantis Swords;;;

Looking at the Wakizashi, the short sword, does anyone have info on these swords?
As in, are they just a wall hanger type?


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I don't know about the sword your looking at, but the rapiers and Euro stuff is all cheap crap, mainly Indian and Filipeno import. I'd worry that would reflect on their quality. I don't know if your strictly an asian fan, but Del Tin makes some quality short swords (Euro working reproductions) for pretty good prices. E
Thanks guys, hate sending money and not really knowing what will arrive.

Summerland, Have a Criswell Wakazashi, but want one that has a more traditional edge, the Criswell is well made and more than Stout! but the blade has a shallow hollow grind and the edge, though very very sharp!, it is too thick and doesn't cut through material as cleanly as one with a more traditional grind or bevel.....I know of the Bugei swords are very nice, but also a little above my range. Don Fogg makes a sweet one but he is also up there a bit.

I'll keep looking, thanks for the input guys!

I posted a bunch, but mistyped my password.

Summary: Check out if you haven't. You definitely need to look at Paul Chen, I think his wakazashis are around $500?
Also, I have a Wally Hayes 12" blade tanto that is sweet!!


PS - I am a dolt. I think Paul Chen makesd those your link went to. As I understand it, they are supposed to be good users.

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If the wakizashi you are referring to is the Shinto, Musashi, or Golden Oriole swords, they are actually pretty good blades and mounts for the money. The blades are hand forged in Chinese maker Paul Chen's shop/factory in China and are folded blades with true temper lines. The handle materials are also pretty decent. I have done some cutting with one of the Shinto Katanas and it performed very well. I guess you have to determine what your intended use for a sword would be; do you want to practice martial arts, like iaido or kenjutsu, or are you going to use the sword as a field tool or around the house? Either way, the Chen blades are pretty good for the money.

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Thanks for the replys guys, I contacted Rob Criswell and asked him about the thick edge Wakizashi that I got from him and he said yes the first few were quite thick and the next batch will have a thinner profile, but still strong enough to take a beating. So I sold my old....less than two weeks?....sword to a friend that fell in love with it and placed another sword from Rob on order. Should be here next week, I'll report when it arrives.

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