Manufacturer Sharpening?

Dec 15, 2002
This question has been on my mind for awhile. What do manufacturers use to sharpen knives? What type of machines do they use to sharpen all those darn knives, I think I want one:D dtsoll
You are probably thinking about sharpening during the manufacturing process but in 2001 when I returned my new BM 940BT to Benchmade to have a ding in the edge fixed it came back with a clear clamp mark on the spine. It looks like they were using a Lansky or similar sharpener (without masking tape). I could have done that... without the damage to the coating!
I have seen some pics in my magazines of some shops using VERY LONG belted grinders. These machines were taller than people! I dunno how long those belts are, but one 120ish grit and a buffer could sharpen plenty of knives!

I think that most manufacturers that sharpen by hand will use belt sanders and some sort of buffer. Buck uses large leather wheels, according to an Edge 2000 article I have.