Many Folders Have Handles w/ Open Spines: Poor Consideration for Lanyard Users?

Apr 1, 2004
Many folders have open handle spines, which affords very poor protection from a lanyard rubbing against a blade's edge when a knife is closed and carried in a pocket where the lanyard is not contained in its own space away from the knife's handle. Everything from the finishing ends of a fairly complex lanyard all the way to a simple loop of paracord, in most cases has a chance of rubbing the blade's edge while carried in a pocket and the lanyard is free to move about in the pocket.

Is this because many purchasers of knives do not care, or is it that manufacturers do not care? Are lanyard users such a tiny minority of knife users that only rarely is consideration given to the above? Or, do many lanyard users simply not care about their lanyards rubbing against their blades?
Oct 30, 2005
Well, an open spine allows clearing the knife of any FOD that may get in there.

Come to think about it, I really don't see that many lanyards on knives, though.