Many, many thanks to Blade Forumites!!

Jan 11, 1999
I was absoluely shocked by the number of people throughout the forums who were interested in helping Boy Scouting. I figured there would be some people "soft" on Scouting due to their past involvement, but I was floored by the number of manufacturers, distributors, and plain-ol' knife lovers who were willing to give of themselves to help some kids who were less fortunate.

The Lord has blessed many of us and I thank you for helping out some of these kids. I will make a concerted effort to let these kids know what it is like to give of themselves to...DO A GOOD TURN DAILY.

We will most likely have enough knives to help out a neighboring troop who may also be in need of some good blades. We'll let each of you know where your blades have gone...

~~Mike Turber: Thank you. Mike allowed me to post a "please-help-me-with-freebies" post and I am sure that is not the norm here. I appreciate his willingness to allow it and also to donate some blades on top of that.

~~Forumites: You all are the best. The response has been a wonderful statement about the character of those involved with this forum. Thank you.

With thanks from Boy Scout Troop #398--

David P Sproles
Eagle Scout Class of 1988 or