Maoist Rebels in Nepal

Jan 10, 2001

Our local paper tonight printed a wire service report of rebel attacks at two Nepali villages, killing 35 policemen. One was at Mainapokhari, 75 mi east of Kathmandu, and the other at Rukumkot, 250 mi east. Certainly hope this doesn't devolve into something that endangers our (well Bill's) people. Nahhh - OUR people. Guess HIKV covers more than just blades. My Reader's Digest Greater World Atlas shows nothng useful.
Another news about the Moist sitation. Here it goes....
'KATHMANDU, Nepal (Reuters) - Six women inmates, all suspected Maoist rebels, escaped from a jail in west Nepal through a small tunnel they had dug, newspapers reported on Sunday.
Home (interior) Ministry spokesman Gopendra Bahadur Pandey told Reuters the escape occurred at Gorkha district jail, 150 km (93 miles) west of the capital, Kathmandu, and said an investigation was underway.

The Kathmandu Post and other dailies said all six inmates were members of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), a rebel group that is fighting against the Himalayan kingdom's constitutional monarchy.

Over 1,550 people have been killed in violence across Nepal since the Maoist insurgency started five years ago.

The rebel group has been compared with Peru's Shining Path movement, and says it is campaigning to set up a one-party communist republic in the impoverished nation...'

It's strange that this Napalese "civil war" doesn't get to international headlines as often as those in other places, like in Sri Lanka or Peru. I really hope that the world isn'
t forgetting them, and what the Moist course has led the poor country into.
It's good to be here in this HI forum, where people not only appreciate such exotic blades and bladesmith, but are also genuinely interest in way of lives of people who make and use one of the finest forms of blades human ever invented. Please keep sharing your thoughts and what you know.
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Hopefully it will be a mighty long time before the Maoists discover BirGhorka setting out in the middle of a truck garden field.

The countries like Nepal that are well out of the mainstream seem to be forgotten a lot.
Tibet is a next door neighbor and not much is done there either.
It's a very sad state of
You can bet your ass that if Nepal was an oil producing country there would be lots of interest.
Kuwait isn't all that big either and look what happened there.

It's too bad that some programs introduced in India aren't implemented in other poor countries.
The small business loans in India has produced some spectacular results among the most downtrodden there.


Indin word for lousy hunter.
TD's post lit a light bulb, and I went to a news listing and pulled up this:

If anyone is interested in keeping up, this seems to be a current site. These insurrectionists (whatever banner they fly) always flock to poverty and corruption. If they truly fought "for the people" (and many of them believe they do) they might be worthwhile. Sadly, when they do win it's just another power transfer and the people they supposedly meant to help are tagged as some sort of undesireables (intellectuals, complainers - whatever) and pushed back to the bottom rung again. Now you know how anarchists are created. Their way doesn't work, either. Just finished my one-a-day, doctor- prescribed beer and am getting maudlin. Beddy-bye time, see y'all manana.
The rungs of the world are greased only by the lubrication of "THE BOTTOM LINE" and if poor nations can't feed the bottom line then they just get put in the background of current history.

Its very sad but thats the way the world is today.....I HATE IT! but am powerless to make even my own government sit up and pay attention to the needs of people who REALLY have a need!

Is there any reason why people in this country should be living in poverty and starving to death also???....they can't supply the gov't with oil either!!!

Sometimes it takes a UBE to knock me off of this apple cart!

Bremerton, Washington