Maple Fighter........

Apr 8, 2003
Hello all,
I havn't posted any pics in a while........Coop just did this one for me so I figured I would share it.

1080 blade...forged from 1" square bar
Nickle Silver
Curly maple
Hand sewn and tooled sheath by me.
All comments good or bad are welcome.
Thanks for looking.

Very nice. Great handle shape. Love the swedge and the long slender blade.
Simple yet elegant. And of course, the photo gives the appearance you could reach in and touch it. :thumbup:
I'll just say Amen to what Kevin just said. :thumbup:

The handle design looks super, I would love to feel it in my hand.


Nice looking blade. That handle is beautiful. I am curious as to what is on the butt of this knife..... any pictures?

Thanks for sharing!
Mace, do you use your JS stamp?
Hi Keith,

Yes he does, and he deserves it. I had a composite shot available with the other side and the JS mark. We decided the knife and photo has enough cleanliness and good visuals to not add too much to it.

Ron, there is a nice curve and wood in the butt, but no extra finery.

Mace has really upped his game all around. :thumbup:

About a year and a half ago I saw a couple of Moran style fighters by Mace. I really lked them, but the knife shown here, and the hunter in the other thread are in a different league finish wise. He has improved greatly in a very short period.

Nice knives, Mace, lookin' good!

Now take all the nickel silver you own, and sell it to Aldo, get yourself some nice 416 stainless, and you will be good to go.;)

Pete says hi, and we will see you in three years or so.

Best Regards,

STeven Garsson
Thank you all very much.
You sure know how to make a guy feel good.:)
Your comments all mean a great deal to me and lets me know I'm heading in the direction I want to be going.
Thanks again.
Really Bold Piece..Blade is long and lean..Curly maple is a fav of mine..winner!
Sweet fighter.
Long,lean blade.
Comfy looking handle and curly maple is a favorite of mine as well. :thumbup:
Great image by Coop. :D

Send me some info if you want to sell whatever you have available from time to time?
I like this one - 'simple elegance' comes to mind (but Kevin already said the same thing slightly differently).

I am usually with STeven when it comes to nickel silver, but on this piece it seems to work for some strange reason (maybe it's just the picture).
....I am usually with STeven when it comes to nickel silver, but on this piece it seems to work for some strange reason (maybe it's just the picture).

I assure you, Thor,

It is Coops pic, once the NS starts to do the lovely transition to greenish patina, you would not like!;)

Hard learned knowledge, the only way to ENSURE acceptabilty of NS is to lacquer it!

Best Regards,

STeven Garsson
I will look into getting some stainless....(just cause you like it so much), :D ...but I have always liked something with a patina. I have just come across a bunch of bronze.I have a bunch of NS. & ..copper....Hell I even have............brass..........;)
Tell Pete I say hey. Look forward to seeing you guys.