Marble's Knives

Oct 2, 1998
Who on the net sells Marbles Knives, I'm interested in a Trail Maker. Anyone have any experience with Marble's?

"Every Dog Has His Day"

The are three dealers on the net carrying them, AG Russell, Cutlery Shoppe, and Discount Knives. Brian definitely has the best prices, I got one from him. These are great knives, and talk about sharp. A great classic brought back to life.
I have and used Marble's knives for the last fifteen years and I really like quality. I've held both old versions and the new versions of the knives are very nice. I'm glad they started the knife line back up 2-3 years ago. I currently have the Scout, Expert, Woodcraft (original), Plainsman and Fieldcraft. All have been scary sharp when I receive them. Maybe someone could explain the sharpening or finishing process that is used: The edge is scary sharp but I can't actually see the grind lines of the edge? Could be a polished edge? I've held the Bison and Trailmakers; they are on my list of knives to buy (as soon as I scrounge money to buy the specials). I've seen these knives dress all types of game and still remain sharp.

LD, I purchased my Marbles directly from the plant, but, Discount Knives have Marbles at greatly reduced prices. I'll get mine from there in the future.

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