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Mar 29, 1999
I am going to buy a Marbles knife, but before I do I wanted to know what people think about the knives. I am getting the buffalo horn and stag, that is exclusive for A.G. Russell catalog. I am going to get the Fieldcraft size. So if you have any experience with a Marble knife please tell me what you think.
I recently bought one of AG Russell's Marble, buffalo horn Woodcraft knives. I was *very* disappointed with it. The spacers weren't even with the horn..., forming ridges..., and the horn itself was slightly loose, and would twist just a little, in my hand, when any lateral pressure was applied. It also wasn't "shaving sharp"..., which I expect from any reasonably quality knife (though even some very expensive customs haven't come that way..., so it's not a "deal-breaker" for me).

I sent it back.

While waiting for that knife, I'd ordered one of Marble's new Plainsmen knives. I couldn't stop the order..., but I was very pleasantly surprised when it arrived. The spacers merged smoothly into the maple burl handle. The handle was tight. And the knife shaved right out of the box.

And I like the reputation of the 52100 steel.

So my reaction to Marble is mixed. I'm happy with the blade configuration and quality of the knife directly from Marble. I wasn't at all happy with the one from AG Russell.

I don't know if Marble puts a little more care into a knife ordered directly from them. I've ordered a *lot* of knives from AG Russell, and have never been disappointed 'til now..., so I don't think it's Russell's fault.

My two cents..., though it probably doesn't help much

I have and used Marble's knives for the last fifteen years and I really like quality. I've held both old versions and the new versions of the knives are very nice. I'm glad they started the knife line back up 2-3 years ago. I currently have the Scout, Expert, Woodcraft (original), Plainsman and Fieldcraft. All have been scary sharp when I receive them. Maybe someone could explain the sharpening or finishing process that is used: The edge is scary sharp but I can't actually see the grind lines of the edge? Could be a polished edge? I've held the Bison and Trailmakers; they are on my list of knives to buy (as soon as I scrounge money to buy the Bladefourm.com specials first). I've seen these knives dress all types of game and still remain sharp.

Joe, the stag handle Marbles are really nice.

Kirk, too bad about your orignal purchase, glad your second one was better, the Plainsman is my favorite. If you have problems with another Marbles purchase I suggest contacting Marbles directly. I've found that they are very customer service oriented. I wouldn't doubt that you could have sent the knife back and they sent you another.

I've gotten my knives directly from Marbles, one hand pick from a visit to Galdstone, the others shiped from the factory, with not much difference from the hand picked one.
A friend ordered one from Discount Knives and it was the same quality as the ones I recieved directly, but at a much reduced price. I will get my future Marbles from Discount.

Hope this helps, any other questions on the ones I have let me know.

Take care,
Natural materals sometimes shrink a little and then loosen up. After the knife handle has its final shape and things get loose, all you need to do is to realign the handle and spacers; and then tighten up the nut on the end of the tang (in the butt cap). You may have to make your self a spanner to fit. I've been doing that for close to fifty years now and it works out just fine, even though it is a bother.
Happy Trails,
Tom (and Dan),

I guess the nut could have been tightened up, and the handle made solid..., but that knife just plain didn't have a feel of quality to it. Plus...., I just didn't like the shape of the Woodcraft, once I had it in my hand. I'd never have bought it, if buying it from a store where I could have actually held it before buying.

OTOH, I *do* like the Plainsman.., as a using knife, at least. It'll never exude the quality feel of my new engraved D' Holder, but it'll probably hold it's edge better.

BTW.., have you seen the new "Rtak", being offered by Newt Livesay? 10" edge, 17" overall length, 1095 steel, differentially tempered, linen Micarta handle..., $150. Odd, though.., the blade is only 3/16" thick. Looks a lot like Busse's Battle Mistress.

I've ordered one... supposed to have it in two weeks. We'll see what kind of knife it is.