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Marble's Plainsman

Oct 17, 1999
I just got a new Marble's Plainsman with the leather handle. It has a 4 1/4" long, 3/16" thick, straight spined blade of 52100 steel hardened to RC 59-60. I have not really used it much, but it seems like an excellent skinning/general use sheath knife. Fit and finish are very good, except at the base of the blade where the spine tapers to the edge, the grind could be more even, but otherwise no problems. The handle is ergonomic and the leather has a nice "warm" feel to it. It also smells like leather
. The knife was reasonably sharp out of the box, but after a few swipes on my ceramic crock sticks, it became hideously sharp. Maybe it's the 52100 steel, or the convex edge, or both, but this particular knife has the most "sharpness potential" of any knife I've ever seen. I don't know about edge holding yet, but I'll bet it's darned good. I have lately come to believe that a convex edge is superior to a conventional edge in that the edge can be made thinner (more acute angle) and still be just as strong, and also easier to sharpen because the continuous curve means you don't have to follow one angle so precisely while sharpening. This knife confirms that to me. The sheath is an open wrap around type, of decent quality. If you like traditionally styled knives, this is one to check out (not expensive either).