Marble's sheaths -- much improved

Jun 29, 1999
I've been critical recently of the poor sheaths since Marble's changed their design a year or so back. I just received from Knifecenter a Campcraft 2000 (stacked leather handle) that came with a superb sheath: heavy duty leather, excellent design, in every way as good as the one that was provided with my Marble's Fieldcraft, bought a couple of years ago. The only thing I did with this new one was to take it apart to work in a treatment of SnowSeal, and to re-stitch it with extra heavy duty waxed nylon thread.
BTW, I asked the good folks at Knifecenter to pay attention to the grind, inasmuch as my Fieldcraft was off a tad here and there. They came through to my total satisfaction; the grind is as near perfect as human hands could make it. Congratulations to Marble's for listening and to Knifecenter for their usual excellent service (and price

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