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Marble's Trailmaker 10" fixed blade :)

May 25, 1999
I received my Marble's Trailmaker 10" blade w/ stacked leather handle which I had ordered from King Knives of Cape Coral, FLA (at a great price, too!) Let me tell you, this is a BIG A$$ knife
. Thanks again, Joe!

Blade runs the full length of the tang with an aluminum cap, brass nut, and single hand guard. Fit and finish overall is very good - not perfect, but you can't expect a production knife to be flawless. Balance overall is good - a little tip heavy of course...lol. Blade is convex ground, hand honed, and made from solid bar of high carbon 5160M steel. There are special heat treating processes, and double cryogenic treatments. Knife is pretty darn shop out of the box! This is no toy

Only ONE disappointment: leather sheath is not adequate
. The leather is 1/8" thick, and it lacks rigidity. The leather needs to be either thicker, or it needs a plastic stiffener in it. I would NOT carry this knife in the factory sheath on my leg! There are a couple of sewn on leather pieces to help stiffen the sheath a little, and perhaps add a little security so the knife won't slice thru the sheath if bang into it, or fall on top of it. The sheath NEEDS some work!!
For most practical purposes you aren't going to carry this on your belt. I purchased it as a camp knife, and for cutting up large pieces of meat.

Was it worth the $$? YES - personally, I like the knife a lot: it reminds me of the Blackjack #1-7" stag I have (just a little larger...lol)
. The sheath has gotta GO!! It is adequate, but I know I am going to cut it wide open just trying to put the knife INTO it
. You know how some companies pay attention to the little details and either glue felt, or plastic over the inside of where the snap rivets are? The sheath needs this kind of details added to it.

This one is going to be hard for my wife and toddler NOT to notice - MAN it is BIG!

Ray 'md2020'

I'm hoping Marble's start to show up in Edmonton, Alberta (not that I need another knife). You're right, the sheath should live up to the quality of the knife, but too few ever do. I usually end up making my own sheathes. My Roselli hunter, Cold Steel (hate all those straps) SRK and MH all wear new sheathes, made from heavy latigo leather, a thick welt, put together with heavy waxed nylon thread and sealed with SnowSeal. About the only substantial sheath in my collection that came from the manufacturer is the Russell belt knife (made in Canada, of course).
Please update this review when you use the knife for serious work. THANKS!!