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Marks on X-42 Recondo

Dec 15, 2000
Recently saw the X-42 Recondo in a shop, i must say it looks prettier than what i saw in the photos. I believe that the scales were not moulded onto the tang as cap screws were used to fasten them together. I was impressed with the fitting of the Zytel scales to the tang of the blade. When i ran my fingers over the surface of the joint(perpendicular to the outermost rim of the Zytel scales), i could feel that they were fitted nicely together without either material sticking out. Also, the price was very reasonable --- considering the fit and the steel used, BG-42!

However, on the blade i noticed pretty deep marks that i am almost certain are left behind by machining tools. Looks like marks left by milling cutters but i can't be sure coz i have limited hands-on experience with basic machining processes. Not believing, i took out any piece to check, it too hand the same marks.

Has any of you guys seen or encounter this situation?
Hi sig......u're right.Thanx!
I just ordered two X-42 Recondo knives. Hopefully, I will have them by Christmas. I'm anxious to get them. I currently carry a Cold Steel Safe Keeper II push knife in my car. I'm concerned about the legality of the knife, so I'm replacing it with one of the SOG X-42's.

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Can someone please tell whether this knife is ground on both sides of the blade or not. I know it has the tanto shaped point, but no pictures or descriptions tell about the single or double bevel grind.

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Mine has no marks at all because it has bead blasted blade - quite suitable for military styled knife.

The blade is ground on both sides and the grind is as equal as eye can consider. But the edge is beveled on one side only, the same way as serrations. I was somewhat surprised discovering this because my Night Vision has normally double-side beveled edge.

Regardless of legality issues Recondo is far better in tool's role than double-edged push dagger. It would be even more versatile with clip point blade.
The 2 X-42 i saw had bead-blasted finish blades as well.......and i could still see the rather deep tool marks.

That aside, the blade geometry is juz what i'm look'n for --- military style!
I received my two X-42's today. Is it just me or does the knife blade fit a little too tight in the sheath? It fits so tight that it seems to scuff the finish when taking it in and out.
Love the knife, but dis-like the sheath.