Massad Ayoob

Jul 19, 2001
Does anyone have any experience, or info about the Massad Ayoob design Spyderco? I handled one yesterday and I really liked it. Just curious as to what others think. Thanks.

A great purpose-built design. Very s****y, and feels secure in the pistol grip and the martial arts possibilities are fun. Good blade steel, and the finishing is all done very well.

Oh, you've got to be kidding. This thing just censored the word S-T-U-R-D-Y. :rolleyes:
After putting some stairway traction tape on mine, (Graciously provided to me by Maddog 20/20), the Mas Ayoob/Spyderco collab. has just about succesfully displaced my BM 710HS from my left hand pocket.
I use it nearly every day for all kinds of cutting and it is still shaving sharp.
It is, in fact, the sharpest OOB knife I've ever had the pleasure to own. It easily shaved hair from my arm while BARELY touching skin.
After using it to prune the roses and cut back the herb garden (this is practically a bi-daily chore here in Fla. in the summertime), trim the suckers from the magnolia trees, opening boxes on and off my job and a dozen other odd job type things, the blade is still shaving sharp.
I am most impressed in how this "purpose driven" design excels in the utility mode. And make no mistake, this is a "purpose driven" design.
It is, however, also comfortable to use in the day to day cutting chores with it's nearly drastic forward cant. I love this forward canted blade as it requires less bending of the wrist to accomplish cutting and slicing strokes.

Great knife!;)
So glad I read this thread! Brian, you just solved a mystery that's been plaguing me for two days. :eek: I have been looking at reviews of the Al Mar SERE 2000, and placed an order for one. But two people have described that knife as "s****y". Now what the heck could that mean?? :confused:

Now I know! :cool:

Spark just recently turned the censor program back on and T-U-R-D is considered language worthy of censorship. It's messed up though because it keeps messing up normal words. It also messes up the word Sa****ay (the day before Sunday). I put a thread about this in the Service and Support forum so hopefully it will be fixed.
edited after testing censor-ware. It works on some stuff.
The armadillo was tits up in the sun.
Thanks for the info. I'm going to a huge, four day, traditional archery rendezvous in PA, next week. If I have any money left after that (not likely!), I'm going to buy the Ayoob.

Rainbow, I like the blade design and how it is angled on this knife. To my surprise, I find that the Ayoob has good ergonomics for utility use. The handle is flat and makes the knife comfortable for carrying. However, I think that a boxier handle design with G-10 scales would make for a very interesting update.