"Master Don"

Jul 20, 1999
A number of years ago, I met a knife maker at a gun show who called himself Master Don. I haven't seen him in a number of years now.

I have been wondering about him and then I seen a couple of mentions of him in another post tonight.

I kind of got the idea that he may be considered a joke or something. Maybe I took it wrong though.

So anyway--does anyone know anything about him? Is he still around? Last I heard he lived not far from me, here in Kansas.

Does he still make knives? Depending on what I learn from this post, I may have some more to my story to add, but first I want to see what I find out. ----Thanks
Never mind. I just used the search feature, and found the posts from sept. 26th.

After reading them I am hesitant to say this, but I did see him take a hammer and and beat one of his knifes accros an anvil, taking metal shavings off the anvil. This was about ten years ago, and I haven't seen him since. (at a gun show)

I don't respond well to a "hard sell" and even though I seen his demo, I didn't buy one. I have always wondered if I missed out on something rare and wonderful.

Surley someone in these forums owns one.
Anyone who wants to know more, plz see the current thread on Master Don in Shoptalk. There's a link to M.Don's site. As someone there noted, no one of his claims is unbelievable, but all of them together seem a bit contradictory. Most importantly for me (and doubtless just about all of us), the guy has a No Return policy.


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