Masters of Defence Blade Size

Oct 2, 1998
After a conversation I had with Todd M last night on the chat line, I decided to check out the Masters of Defense line of knives. They look like nice knives, and I really like the lines of the Hornet in particular.

I have one criticism: I think for knives designed for defensive use they all have very short blades! Their sizes are as follows: Trident - 3.4"
Hornet -3.1"
Lady Hawk - 2.5"
Razor Back - 3.5"
Tempest - 3.5"

At 3.5" for the longest blade they seem a little anemic for a knife I would stake my life on. I know they might have had knife laws in mind in the design, but I would rather have more blade to hedge my bet when the chips are down. Only the most skilled knife fighter can make a blade that small count in a combat situation.

Let the debate begin.

Take Care,


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Keep in mind all vital organs of the body are less than 3" below the skin.
Brian's point is definitely well made, but I'm with you, LD. As far as I'm concerned, "the bigger, the better" is a good general rule for a tactical blade. With small folders, a difference in blade length of one half or even one quarter inch is significant.


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I guess you haven't seen many sumo wrestlers. I'll bet their vital organs are a bit deeper than three inches.

You also have to take into account winter clothing.

Well folks, I got to handle all five of the MOD's today. And although they may seem a bit on the small side for some of you, I can tell you with absolute certainty that they are all outstanding pieces of cutlery. I decided some time ago that I will have all five, and as of today, I will need two of the Razorbacks (one for carry, one for the collection). And although the Lady Hawk may look tiny, it feels very nice in a three-finger reverse grip, and that hooked I said, outstanding.