Masters of Defense

Jul 15, 2001
opinions on there products please ?

I just got off the phone with them and have a catalog and dealer packet on the way.
They make very nice linerlock knives with excellent quality control. The name looks like it could get you in trouble.

For me, the idea of stabbing with a linerlock knife isn't any better than just chopping off my fingers on purpose. At least I'd know when to close my eyes.
Their linerlocks are quite robust. It really is not a "liner", but a locking bar that is fastened in the handle with a screw. QC and finish on these knives is top rate. I dropped an e-mail on them recently asking about the size of a screw and got a prompt response from Jim Ray. Nice company to deal with.
if ya get 1 dont get the coated blade it aint worth a darned on MOD for some reason...
I agree with two posts above. I wouldn't call it a "liner", it is more like a "bar".

I have the manual Hornet. Some people have complained about the grip design in other threads, but unless you have very large hands, the dropped section on the bottom is very good for push/pull actions. You just have to keep tension against the grip.

It is also designed with a heavy blade and a light handle, so it has a distinct "forward" balance. I happen to like it, but it is a unique feature among the folders I own.
I have the Deiter CQDA and it is built like a tank . If I had to take a folder to war , this is the one I would choose . However , consequently it is a heavy knife , not for carrying in the pocket .
I also have a manual Tempest .
The overall quality on the MOD line is on par with Microtech IMHO.
I base this observation on comparison with my UDT and LUDT .
Fit , finish , lockup and durability is fantastic. My only complaint would be that they don't come sharp enough .
Consider the mini CQD or CQDA if you are getting an auto . It's size is a little more user friendly .
The grip on the Deiter is coated with a textured finish that gives a very non-slippery surface to hold onto .

Regards , Cameron .