Masters of Defense

Dec 29, 1998
This is probably a dumb question, but is the Masters of Defense series made by MicroTech? I am considering one of the MOD models, and woder if anyone has an opinion on them.
Microtech became part of MOD about a year or so ago. Certainly, MOD's front-opening autos are the continuation of Microtech's famous line.

Chuck Gollnick
MOD is not a part of MT. MT did the original design and engineering for MOD and that is it. A few prototypes were made by MT for Jim Ray of MOD. I have not heard of a MOD OTF.

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I'm sorry. I am doubtlessly wrong.

I don't really follow either company and really shouldn't have spoken, but nobody else seemed to be responding, and I thought I had the answer.

Several years ago, a MT dealer who is a friend of mine showed me the Halo. I was impressed. It's the first front-opening auto that had really wowed me. So, I bought some, the only front-openers I've ever owned and the only MT I've ever owned.

Getting on a year ago now, I suppose, I happened into that same friend. He has a mind like the proverbial steel trap and asked if I still had those Halos. He suggested I should put them away since, according to him, MT was becoming part of MOD and the MT name would be going away. Maybe he was mistaken. Maybe I misunderstood. Maybe my memory is incorrect.

I have noticed, though, a lot more MOD and a lot less MT at shows lately. The MOD front-opening autos certainly do look like a continuation, albeit a good one, of the MT design.

Hopefully, someone more qualified that I will jump in here and update us all on the current status of MT and the relationship, if any, between MT and MOD.

Again, my appologies for misleading anyone.

What MOD otf's? News to me.

Not that I care a lot. Anything with Defense etched all over the blade means intent in court.

They might might be well designed pieces (they are), but it's a marketing ploy for the dumb masses. Blade sizes just happen to be .275, 3.0", 3.25", and 3.5" (nice choice), some marketing thought went into this. All well designed and well balanced, nice designs in spite of the slots and blood grooves. Should've named them something else. Wonder why they're not selling well?

Buy a Spydie labeled utility use. An Endura stands up in court. Hope the Military does.

Ron Knight

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