Masters of Defense????????


Aug 12, 1999
I see a lot here about many knife companies but I have not seen much about Masters of Defense. They seem to be much like Microtech as far as steel and handle.
Are they as good?
What do you think of them.
I have a MOD Trident; It is a very high quality and top-notch folder. I know some people say that MOD has a problem with producing knives of consistent quality standards, and truth be known my Trident is the only one I have ever held, but mine is very good.

They really are built sort of like MicroTech, I would not be surprised to hear that MT (or people who worked for MT) had something to do with the MOD line. The handles are hardcoat aluminium, and the blades (although bead blasted; Keep that thing clean!) are VERY well designed and factory cut: The Trident has many areas of texture on the blade and handle, and all of them are perfectly milled and well finished.

I am very happy with my MOD Trident, the pricepoint is kind of high if you don't need it's material features for what you are going to be doing, but there is no doubt in my mind that MOD is the perfect choice for people who want a MicroTech style knife that is:


Classically designed (as in, not the USSOCOM, I hate the lines on that knife)

Not going to instill fear of scratching due to use (these aren't really collectors pieces, they are made to use and they are made to get messed up)

I would still take an Emerson over a MOD any day, but if you want something VERY MicroTech-ish, check MOD out for sure.

Robert Joseph Ansbro

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The quality is exactly the same. I can speak from experiance because Iv'e owned both. There are slight design differances. MT uses 3 screws for the pocket clip, MOD uses 2. There are also a few other variations that seem to evade me right now. Sorry!
The MOD series was designed by the same people who design and make Microtechs. These are very well made knives. The same materials are used to produce MODs as are used in MTs. Blades are 154-cm and handles are aluminum along with with the kryton rubber inserts. I haven't heard any negitive reports on poor workmanship or tolerance problems. I too own a number of MODs in auto and manual, and have had no problems what so ever. The MOD Trident with serrations comes to mind for a terrific user knife both in manual and automatic. The MOD Hornet makes a great small pocket knife in the auto version. For the price, they can't be beat.
I work construction and a good knife is hard to beat. I am not partial to saw blades on a pocket knife though.

MOD are looking better and better all the time.

K-GUY is correct. Jim Ray of MOD and Tony Marfione of MT were supposed to be partners. Bad blood went down between them and they went there seperate ways.
I know some people say that MOD has a problem with producing knives of consistent quality standards
Well, not to rain on the parade here too much, but I have to put myself in the "they're not quite so good as MT's" camp. I have an older SOCOM, and it is superlative: clean lockup, butter smooth opening, sharp as the devil, overall second only to my Sebenza in production quality... I was intrigued at the idea of "smaller MT's in a variety of shapes" when the MODs first came out, and I bought a Hornet, with high hopes. The handle is pretty much a clone of MT in materials and quality. The blade grind lines are a little off. The lock bar on the first one had so much play in it's channel in the first example that I had to send it back. With the knife closed, and the ball detent continuously engaged, the side-to-side play of the lock bar allowed the tip of the knife to come out clear of the handle -- not a good thing. It seemed to me like skimping on the tolerences a bit to have the lock bar that much narrower than the channel it rides in in the handle (or not pinned in two places if necessary). The replacement knife I received alleviated the problem somewhat, but not entirely; I chalked it up to less-than-MT production quality, and let it drop.

In addition, the thumb release area on the lock bar, which sits somewhat inside the handle, has scallops cut out of it, to match the grooves on the handle -- artistic, but murder on the thumb or finger that has to push on it.

It's a shame, because, like I said, I had high hopes for the knife. It's compact, built like a tank, and has a useful blade shape (a bit thick for utility use, but with a really nice curve to it). I recently thinned out the edge (experimenting with my Apex), and may give it another chance to grow on me, but I was hoping for better...

-- Carl
I own two MT's and two MOD's. In my opinion, the MT's are much better made. A lot of dealers have discontinued selling MOD's.
While I've been praising the likes of the MOD series; I do agree with the rest of the forum members, that Microtechs are a far better made knife. Maybe I got lucky with the MODs I've aquired. But all are tight on lock-up and have no loose part, i.e. that locking lever! The difference in quality is reflected in the price between the two. Some people prefer the thicker blade for tough cutting chores. I, being one of them.
have used a MOD Trident since they came out I have had no probelms at all. The knife has been used HARD. It was the only blade I used when I was building my shop. I cut roofing,drywall,copper wire as well as chiseled out wood,pulled packing staples. It has not had to go back yet. I have a MOD Trident auto on loan to a local SWAT team. They have been playing with it since the Blade show and have not managed to break it. I have been trying to get it back for a month.It gets passed around a lot.
On the other hand I have a SOCOM/DA that has had to go back to MT twice for repair. It was not used as harshly as the MOD and has failed to open twice. I was billed for shipping each time I sent the knife back for repair. Turn around time was ok and the knife seemed to be fixed. It failed twice in use so I would not give it a third try. I sold it. I consider MT ok for collectors. But pricey and not reliable enough for me.


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