Maverick selling BM Butterflies?

Hey Dan,
I'm pretty sure that they went out of business or no longer sell Bali's. I tried contacting them a couple months ago and also got no reply. Good luck on your search for BM bali's.
Hi Dan,
I'll second CYA's suggestion that Maverick is either out of business or doesn't have them anymore, I've tried contacting them also to no avail...

It seems that site is dead. Been trying e-mailing them before. Good Luck.
I thought so! Thanks guys.
Maybe some day the clean up "dead" web sites will be an issue like cleaning up all the "space" trash left out there from all the many sattelites etc.!

He went out a long time ago. I'm surprised the site is still up. He probably pre-paid his ISP for a six-month or one-year contract. When that contract runs out, his ISP will remove the site. Until then, his ISP is under contract to keep the site up unless he takes it down. If he's lost interrest in his old business, then nobody else will take it down until the contract runs out.

I see Benchmade Balis for auction on Ebay every day. If you're willing to pay the price, it's pretty easy to buy one.

Knife Outlet

thanks for the info Fred

I've been living at ebay for the last couple of days. I've seen one BM balisong and I don't want it. But there are alot of other nice butterflies there to choose from.