Maxpedition Fatboy S and M2 passaround... PICS

Jan 3, 2003
Tim at Maxpedition was gracious to loan us a Desert camo FB and the M2 pouch and small Malice clips for passaround. Thread is HERE

I like the black color for daily carry. The Desert was great to get detailed photos of tho...

This is designed for "Left Carry". This confuses me a bit cause I have an older model FB and sling it over my left side anyway (I'm right dominant) and I like the Key clip in the front of me :)
The new model has a velcro area on the top flap which is cool but I don't have any velcro patches :(
The new model has the belt keeper on the backside to affix to your belt. Great when running or biking. I didn't use this feature during the passaround.

The main compartment is deep and has two mesh pockets inside. It's covered by a nylon rain flap which you can cinch up. I cut mine off to allow unhampered access to the main compartment.
I keep the camera in the rear mesh pocket, bandana, small tripod, misc stuff :)

Under the flap is a slash pocket for easy access

The face flap has a zippered pocket that I stash lighter, $ and cigar cutter

Behind the face slash pocket is a zippered pouch with one mesh pocket. I keep a larger light, spare batts and CF card in here.

The rear zipper compartment is deep and flat. I keep my wallet, glasses and usually have it open. I stash long stuff like letters and such when I'm about town.

There is a narrow sheath on the front side that I house a small recorder. could house a flashlight.

I had read that the M2 pouch is small.
It has two compartments.
Main compartment fit my cell phone, business cards, earphone, and the front has a RS cell converter. It has two pen slots.

Front of M2

There is a pouch on the rear and it held a large brick recorder.

What is removed from this model is a rear pouch on the strap leg

Older style with the key clip in front. Note the rear strap leg pouch.

Here's all I had in it....YIKES!!!
The od backdrop is the bandana. Missing in the pic is the camera

Great pictures!

Wouldn't happen to have any with it on would you?

Looks like something else just made it to the wish list.
I only have a black FB pic from several months ago.
I'm six foot with a long torso.

So, as I understand it, in that last pic you're wearing a normal Fatboy on the "wrong" side, correct? Looks like I could wear the "S" model on the right side with no difficulties.

Thanks for the pics!!
Yep, If you wear it "backwards" hahahaha
The key ring will be in front.
I guess there is a possibility of someone unclipping the FB with the buckle behind you. But that's not a worry of mine.
I'd wear either of them on my left, weak, side. Just seems natural to me.
I guess that you're lefty?

When my right arm was out of action I gained a lot of empathy for "Lefties"
Tuff to get a one handed opener blade when you're lefty :)
Honestly, never having worn a bag quite like this one, I'm not sure which side I'd want to wear it on. I'm right handed, though.
haha, I love reading your reviews Tom, great job!

Nice pictures too. I'm going to have to get a digital camera so people can see what I'm babbling about. :)

Bryan, you paint a great picture in your writings. I need the camera.

Get a camera, anyway, to really have some fun!
Tom, thanks for the pics and the write-up, from the looks of it I would prefer the standard Fatboy for left side carry as well. Very helpful.
When I was injured, or at least right arm fubar'd I would keep my FB on. It didn't interfere with the wheel or seat belt. YMMV
While driving it allowed me to reach for money, stuff :)
as I had no pockets then.

Nowadays I usually take it off and plop it next to me.
Easy right hand reach :)