Me and My two!

I carried this knife now for 24 hours. I fell asleep with it on my hip, only to wake up hours ladder with a page from the office. I wore it all day Friday, inside the waist band, lightly concealed under a loose long sleeve shirt. No one noticed the knife was even there, other than one of my co-workers who knows where to look, and what to expect form me!!!

I also used the knife, drawing it from the sheath, cutting boxes, slicing paper-boards, and ripping through packing material. The guys in receiving thought I was nuts to be using such a nice knife to cut into boxes!

For driving, the knife was extremely comfortable on my right hip. However, due to the size of the blade, I will only be carrying it under the most dire of circumstances!

I took the Micarta, soaked it with soap and water, and started slashing away at some large boxes, refrig. size. Grip slide around a little, but held its own.

Only thing is the rather rough finish on the blade..seems odd, but maybe a smaller blade, satinfinish, with Desert Wood handles would suit my need a bit better.

I am thinking of carrying it today into the city...we'll see...blade too big and I am not one for trouble wiht the law!

Tkae Care!
Stay Sharp

Steve in NYC


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Aug 20, 1999
I see you're already on the road to ruin...

"smaller blade, satinfinish, with Desert Wood handles would suit my need a bit better."

That's how it starts, this one is great BUT...
I have a Woo and a US Marshall, and just had to get that pretty Dozier with the redbone handles! Then there is the HKR that keeps smiling at me froms newt's website...
Well you get the idea!
Ebbtide (fellow Nyorker) out.