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Meals you've made with my knives, animals you've dressed with my knives.

Oct 20, 2008
Or a pic of anything else you've cut with my steel. I love to cook, and I'd enjoy seeing your food pics of meals prepped with my cutlery. I hear back from the field about game my knives have dressed well, but have not YET been sent picture one! Please help me remedy this. I'll post my own now and then...
Apr 7, 2015
This Thread needs a kick start!

The start of many meals is to dice up some garlic,tomatoes and onions...and this W2 Santoka slices and dices it well.
It's going in guacomole'...then saute some scallops and prawns with onions and garlic, corn and flour tortilla's

oh bacon in both the guac and topping it off

time to eat!!!