Mean Lil' Knife

Apr 6, 2001
I have had my 12" AK for about a week, and it is a mean little knife. It just won't quit. It will eat anything and come out smileing wanting more. My only question is who made it? It has what looks like a little boat engraved into it. Anybody know who this is? I am interested.


Also, when should you be getting any of those basic HI Katanas in? I understand they are $245??? If I am wrong please correct me.

Thank you

My only question is who made it? It has what looks like a little boat engraved into it.

Dave, if I'm right, the mark is a butter lamp, for the Kami(s) With No Name(s). If we ever find out who they are, it sure as hell won't be Curly, Shemp and Moe. Mine feels like it is just a bit more knife than my 12" Sirupati. Same measurements (handle a bit larger) and just an ounce + lighter. I'm scouting up materials to make a concealment sheath for this one
If you are successful in your conceilment rig, could you post a pic?
I am interested in owning one. If you are willing to sell I will buy, if not I could make one. How are you planning on making it, Wal?
I don't have the camera or scanner for a pic, but I'm all for the K.I.S.S principle. I once had a fair supply of white nylon slabs, about 3/8 to 1/2 thick, left overs from someone else's project. It would take something like carbide bits to rout it out, but except for extreme resistance to cutting, it can be worked like wood. I would like to rout the halves like a traditional Khuk sheath, join them with stainless screws and epoxy, and then shape the outside and cover with leather. Straps for a shoulder rig, or a sewn-on belt channel would be most likely (or provisions for both). If I can find the nylon (or perhaps Corian in that thickness) I'll be able to fumble around with the niceties as I go - I have a good local leather source, and most everything else in one junkdrawer or another (buy as a last resort only
). The sheath on the knife posted by Ivan Campos started both my brain cells workng at once (dangerous) and I think the leather "sock" with a harness would be a good beginning for a hanging rig. It could be removed, and an attached belt channel would cover the rest, and serve as an attachment point for the "sock" and a tie-down at belt level. Shoulder rigs for anything heavy are a a pain for continued wear, but I have three different styles of inverted shoulder harnesses for my little 640 that are comfortable with no more weight than that (about 32 oz., loaded). One of those, or one combining their best features, might come out of this. This is mostly a "creative urge" which I seldom have any more, but it grows every time I pick up this little beauty. Hehehehe Herr Doktor Frankenschnottz vas seen in der village again last nacht. Terry Sisco, this will in no way offer any sort of competition - it could, in fact, drive the villagers to your door in droves
Hmm, is it a half crescent? In which case, Bura may have made this. Otherwise, I am confident that Uncle Bill will be around soon to enlighten us with regard to this "Mini-me" khukuri's authorship.

If your l'il AK was part of Uncle Bill's Apr 24 UBDOTD, it was made by Bura, cause mine was made by the Kami(s) with no name. I haven't seen Bura's crescent, but the KWNN butter lamp also looks something like a boat (the flame could be mistaken for a mast/sails). Main thing is, Bill gave them his seal of approval, and was right on the mark (as usual).
That's right...Bura. I guess I had forgot when I bought it, too much studying recently.
Thanks for reminding me.
But...Mine looks like one of those butter lamps too..??? Not a crecent. Anyway it is a great knife.
Thanks for report, Dave.

Bura's mark is the crescent moon and it looks just like that so there is little doubt.

The kami with no name uses the butter lamp as his mark and sometimes there are flames coming off the lamp and sometimes not so it can be a little confusing. However, it sounds like your blade was make by kami with no name.

Blessings from the computer shack in Reno.

Uncle Bill
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I am not worried about the wait list. I have a while till I have the money. I am also thinking about finishing my Kobra family and AK family so I have some time. Wait list or not it dosent matter... I have HIKV


What is the process for getting on the waiting list for a Katana? It looks like I'll be getting some back pay in the very near future, and I want to set some aside for one of the standard models (especially since they are only $245.00).



When all else fails...JSTF :D
Uncle Bill,

Thanks. I'll send that e-mail as soon as I know for sure I've got it covered!


When all else fails...JSTF :D