Mean Streets on Parade tell me what you think,

Dec 26, 1999
Well the forum seems more busy this A.M.
So this could be the last picture for a while.
My favorite Mean Street is the one on the left.
Number two from the top in the "on edge picture".
It is from the very last batch
This picture,

On the left, one from the last batch,Krinkle coat a little thinner than the rest.

Top to bottom,
# 1 Lean Mean
# 2 Desert Storm
# 3 Flat coated brushed back
# 4 Bead Blasted
# 5 Flat black smooth handle sloted screws-INFI
Correction I sent it back to Jerry he says it is A-2

And on the right Flat black with a brite shined back

This concludes my mean streets for now (still looking):D
Very Nice presentation Andre. Now you've made me really lust after an MS! My loan officer will thank you!!

I don't see much differance (SP)
some are more noticably A-sym but no real dif.
Hi Andre I would like the middle one please:D Thank you
And if you have a place in your will, the bead blasted one strikes my fancy...

Actually, each has its own appeal factor.

Very nice display. Thank you.

Mike :)
I want the desert warfare mean street
Call me or E-mail. I'll even make it easy on you let's just set the price at $150.000 including shipping:D
;) David, Mike, and Vance they are not presently (sp)for sale or
mentioned in my will.
However, Vance, $150.00 face value and silver...We can work
something out ;)
Andre, many thanks for the awesome pic of your Mean Street "quiver".

My own DWMS has become my favorite using knife since I got it. The size, versatility, and ruggedness all make MSs hard to leave home, and one of the first things I reach for when I have something that needs more "serious" cutting. :)

That photo makes me very, very jealous. :p
Showing off again eh?
Just remeber that I had my eye on that DWMS ever since it came in... Did I mention that I have been a VERY good girl this year???
Refer to academic track record for any and all reminders...
Thanks for bringing this picture back up. Never thought I would like the Mean Street so much, but I do.:)