Mean streets?

Apr 25, 2001
Are the mean streets I have been seeing still available from busse,man what a great sized knife what are its dimensions?
Sorry Mean Streets are an out of production knife.
Blade length 3 1/2" Overall Length 8 1/4" Weight 11 oz.
Very collectable, many little differences(SP).
Marsupial, Occasionally various models of Mean Streets are for sale on the Production Fixed Blade sale forums here on BFC or over on Ebay. Since they are out of production, they tend to be somewhat expensive. And I quite concur, they are a wonderful size of knife and, being Busse made, are very nuclear.

Andre, Your spelling looks good to me.

(later) Okay, went back and figured out that while "differences" is spelled okay, the spelling of the word "collectable" took a very subtle wrong turn. :confused:

"Collectible" is the adjective form (meaning: likely to be collected) that should have been used, as in "Mean Streets are very collectible knives." On the other hand, "Collectable" is the noun form (meaning: the thing that is collected), as in "A Mean Street is a wonderful collectable."

English can be hard. Knives are easy. Just buy Busse. :)